television: teen titans


lance and pidge got ahold of some altean copy machine and copied shiro’s outfit. allura found them messing around but the two convince her to join them. hunk is sad he’s left out and they suit him up. keith walks in on all of them playing around, and they eventually convince him.

i hope the paladin-shiro reunion in season 3 is like that one episode of teen titans

Remember, RobStar Week 2017 will be from July 23–July 29 this year.

You can submit fanart, fanfics, graphics, amvs, gifsets, or anything else.

This Year’s Prompts Are:

  • Day 1, July 23rd: Scars/Hospital
  • Day 2, July 24th: Tyrantverse*
  • Day 3, July 25th: Fireworks
  • Day 4, July 26th: Rain/Thunderstorm
  • Day 5, July 27th: Summer
  • Day 6, July 28th: Anger
  • Day 7, July 29th: Film Noir

*As in the Teen Tyrants, the alternate evil version of the team that appeared in Teen Titans Go! tie-in issue #48.

25. Beast Boy adores bubble tea. It puts puts him in a place of absolute happiness and bliss, almost putting him in another world. He just sits there smiling sipping on it. Cyborg buys him  it when he’s down to cheer him up  and Raven now takes him to the book store that sells both regular tea and bubble tea so that they can hang out. They love it because they get to hang out with each other and Raven doesn’t have to worry about them being kicked out.
Chapter 3

Wayne Manor. July 15th, 2018. 1:25 PM.

The air was warm out in Gotham today. An uncommon experience, Damian thought, as even in the heat of summer there almost always seems to be an unnatural chill over the city. Perhaps it was just Damian’s imagination, but he couldn’t seem to recall a day when didn’t feel cold in this town… or maybe it had something to do with the way he saw Gotham. Even compared to the mountains where he’d been brought up the first ten years of his life, Damian found Gotham City to be much more resistant, more inclined to fight against his presence. This didn’t bother him, of course; when the city pushed him, all he really had to do was push back. But that’s not how Damian saw things these days. These days it was much easier to look at the world and see the positives. Silver linings seemed to shine at the edge of every cloud. Damian wondered why that was as he knelt between the joined graves, reading the words carved into the stone.

Thomas Wayne. Beloved husband and father.

Martha Wayne. Beloved wife and mother.

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