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Ages in the Titans Show

No offense cause I literally don’t mean it like that but

Why is the actress (Teagan Croft) cast for Raven 13-years-old, while the actor (Ryan Potter) for Beast Boy is 22-years-old and Nightwing and Starfire are 28/29 years old??

Like this is such a huge age gap, which I understand could be a plot point, but I literally do not remember Raven ever being that much drastically younger than the rest of the Titans/ Teen Titans in any of the comics or cartoons?

It also means that we sure as hell can’t have a Raven x Beast Boy romance, because it would be gross as hell with that age gap and not make any sense.

Anyone have any insight on this??

well… this isn’t quite exactly what i was rooting for but hey!! I’m super proud of him no matter what! based off ryan’s live streams and personal post, he’d actually make a very nice garfield! (still highkey lowkey rooting for tim drake in dceu..)