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Anyone who knew Violet well could tell she was thinking hard, because her long hair was tied up in a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes. Violet had a real knack for inventing and building strange devices, so her brain was often filled with images of pulleys, levers, and gears, and she never wanted to be distracted by something as trivial as her hair.


They didn’t understand it, but like so many unfortunate events in life, just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

You talk of hate and revenge but that’s only to mask what really scares you. You still love [James Gordon]

Carmine Falcone to Dr. Thompkins, Gotham, Season 3 Episode 12 Ghosts

(This was the most exciting nygmobblepot moment of the episode for me. It’s hard to believe the parallel doesn’t suggest everything it seems to.)


Lemony Snicket in The Bad Beginning: Part Two
↳ “Having a brilliant idea isn’t as easy as turning on a light, but just as a single bulb can illuminate even the most depressing of rooms, the right idea can shed light on a depressing situation.”

A Series of Unfortunate Events / Season One / Episode 2: The Bad Beginning : Part Two

“You can invent things like automatic popcorn poppers. You can invent things like steam-powered window washers. But you can’t invent more time.”

Going in the right direction

The First Trailer of Tangled-Before Ever After has been out, and after watching a couple of times I am impressed with the animation quality.  The 17 second teaser animation gave me serious concerns on the quality.  The teaser was giving it a flash animation look, it lacked some of the movement clarity and polish we see in the trailer.  However, will the Series Animation be as good as the BEA animation?  That is a good question, a lot of this stuff is getting out sourced to Canada for this series which puts a big unknown factor on consistency and quality control.  DTVA isn’t known for both of these things.  Granted there has been vast improvement over the past five years…  It is only a short part of their history.   I am looking forward to seeing more on the newer characters, Casandra for one seems like an interesting choice for Raps new best friend.  Less handmaiden more shieldmaiden, which is an interesting choice.

I am annoyed about how many people are upset about what people are calling continuity issues with the hair, and the return of the hair in general.  The story of Rapunzel is all about the hair…  Yes Raps is a beautiful brunette, but her 70 feet of hair is core to her story.  Also DTVA has been screaming from the roof top that there will be a reason for the return of the hair, that it is the main plot to the series, and will all be solved by the time the series will end.  Which will make sense, because Rapunzel’s hair is the same length three years after the end of the movie, and the short.  Unless she kept it short, which would be something a noble of that era would never do, or she was forced to cut it.  So this explains the continuity, not hinder it.