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I'm sorry but I'm not buying Matts answer regarding the tv performances of JHO. This is the PR line being used but I personally think that Sony is screwing with Louis (and Niall/Liam). I really feel there are some left over contract restrictions in place, which is why Liam & Niall have apparently spent more time working on thier albums than Harry but still haven't released yet. I really think there was some hold over from Sony so Harry would be first. Niall seemed close to dropping his album- 2

2- & then it was after the new year, then he was still working on it, then it was crickets for a while but now that solo Harry has happened he & Liam seem to be gearing up again. It makes me wonder… If the legalities of posting tv appearances on your own channel is so difficult how come Harry’s have been posted within 24hrs or less. Not buying it, Sony is still screwing with all the boys. Bonus it props Harry up, makes him look more professional and like he has complete agency. 3-

3- It creates division in an already fractured fandom and it pits the boys careers against one another publicly. From what I’ve seen thier evil plan is working. A lot of fans who once supported ot4 are now stanning their fave hard and many are turning against Harry thus diminishing the chances of a 1D return. Which suits Sony fine because Solo Harry has been the end game since the Taylor stunt. Ot3 is being sabatoged at the alter of Harry Styles Rock God. NOT HARRY’S FAULT BUT IT STILL SUCKS


“I really feel there are some left over contract restrictions in place, which is why Liam & Niall have apparently spent more time working on thier albums than Harry but still haven’t released yet. I really think there was some hold over from Sony so Harry would be first.”

this is something i’ve been considering too.

yeah things are A MESS right now and i know personally the longer louis is bogged down in stunts the less inclined i am to stick around.

you provide a lot of good food for thought and yeah i don’t really understand matt’s argument either unless this is yet another instance of sony fucking with louis’ career and trying to bury him.


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TV Line’s Performer of the Week: This Is Us’ Sterling K. Brown

THE PERFORMER | Sterling K. Brown

THE SHOW | This Is Us

THE EPISODE | “Jack Pearson’s Son” (Feb. 14, 2017)

THE PERFORMANCE | There are the rare times you watch a TV show and worry a little about the performer, so fully does he or she embody a character’s pain. This Tuesday’s This Is Us was one of those times, and Brown was the actor in question.

We’ve known Randall’s breakdown was coming, sooner or later, ever since Beth told William about her perfection-seeking husband’s problems in the past. But that preparation did nothing to blunt the despair Brown conveyed as he continued his character’s slow spiral into despair.

Every small piece of Brown’s performance — the shaky hands, the distractedness, the manic memorization of facts, the unusually short fuse with William — let us know that Randall was in no way OK, and that the tumult in his heart was about to spill into his daily life.

When everything finally became too much for Randall and he blanked during an important work call, Brown artfully expressed his alter ego’s anxiety with small gestures: a hastily dashed-away tear, some hitched breaths, a carefully blank face. But by the time Kevin arrived to find his brother on the floor, Brown gave his entire body over to the moment, letting Randall’s anguish flow out as he slumped against his sibling.

Hold that visual in your mind a minute, then compare it to the finely restrained performance Brown gave as People v O.J.‘s Christopher Darden. Goodness gracious, is there anything this man can’t play?

AGREED!!! 🙌🙌👏👏

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Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko | Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (2017 Junior Worlds)

As we are hours away from Harry’s first live TV performance of Sign of the Times on SNL, we thought we’d throw in our guesses as to what he might wear tonight. The two on the left are for #SOTT and the two on the right are for the second song that may or may not be Kiwi.

  • Gucci Pre-Fall 2017
    For his debut of SOTT, I feel like Harry might want to go for a more formal look, hence why I opted for this simple yet effective Gucci suit in dark blush color. The world needs more pink. - Lu
  • Alexander McQueen Fall 2017
    It was difficult not just go full Gucci for our picks, but I forced myself to branch out and his recent McQueen suit opened this door for me. I also agree that his first performance outfit for SOTT will be formal but with a twist. I imagine this styled with a loose or undone white shirt underneath. - Alex
  • Roberto Cavalli Fall 2016
    For the second song, I think there’s a chance he might tone down slightly and go for his signature dark jeans and a shirt. I’m still waiting for him to wear Cavalli in the real world (Another Man shoot doesn’t count) and I feel like this embellished blouse would suit him so well. - Lu
  • Gucci Pre-Fall 2017
    So this may be less of a prediction and more of a request? If pink is the current vibe, then please consider this pink tie-dye velvet bomber? Please? Obviously pulling a full head to toe Gucci look is probably not on the table, so just isolate the bomber in your mind. (or anytime he wants to venture into the loafers… I’m ready) - Alex

To be fair, we could’ve had about 10 choices each. What do you all think he should wear? Hit us up over on @1dfaquestions !


When you are alone with yourself all the time, with no one but yourself, you begin to go deeper and deeper into yourself, until you lose yourself. It’s a perverse contradiction.