television performance

guys… i just realised… after next Friday, we’re going to see Harry do TV performances of his single and solo chat show interviews with Jonathan Ross and Graham Norton and solo radio chats with Nick Grimshaw and Dave Berry… next Friday is the start to everything we’ve been looking forward too… our deaths, in particular.

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vevo anon. hahaha I agree, the number of times that I've watched the ad is unhealthy. Btw, do you think he's going in full promo mode from April 7th or his team has a kind of different strategy? xx

i have no clue!! i don’t know if he’ll start into promo this week or if it’ll start next week, but i’d probably expect quite a few radio interviews. tv show appearances & performances would be amazing!!! but yeah i honestly don’t have any idea, i’m just sitting here stress laughing

if light yagami wasn’t a fucking dipshit he would have compiled a list of people to kill and then set literally all of them to die at the same instant at a scheduled time each month

then the people he killed for personal reasons would be far less obvious because they’re dying off-schedule, AND he couldn’t have been pinned by when tv performances were airing

I hate him so much


When you are alone with yourself all the time, with no one but yourself, you begin to go deeper and deeper into yourself, until you lose yourself. It’s a perverse contradiction.


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Christina Carreira and Anthony Ponomarenko | Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 (2017 Junior Worlds)