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So…I saw something earlier that made me a wee bit upset. A fan of TMNT was saying “Oh, interspecies romance. Disgusting…they better not have it in the movie…I mean, that’s just gross…how could you do that?” 

Uhm…hell no…Let me just rant for a second…you don’t like interspecies romance? You think it’s gross and no one ever does it? Let me list the movies with interspecies romance…ones you may be familiar with…ones you may love…

1. Beauty and the Beast

2. Bee Movie

3. Galaxy Quest

4. Shrek

5. Any of your precious vampire/human romances? Twilight? Vampire Diaries? BUFFY? Sorry…interspecies…yep.

6. Doctor Who? He’s an alien, most of the women he kisses are human…another show with interspecies romance. He marries a human.

7. Supernatural? Hmm. Think of all the interspecies romance that goes on there…Sam, who is a human…and Ruby, who is a demon…Dean and Anna…human and angel…there are more…

8. KERMIT AND MISS PIGGY. A very obvious one.

9. Little Mermaid. Mermaid/human? Mmhmm. Interspecies. They get married and have children.

10. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A RABBIT and a human woman…and they are MARRIED! I mean, hello??

I think I may have made my point…so if you can accept all of these romances and yet cannot handle a mutant turtle POSSIBLY falling in love with/kissing a human woman on screen, especially when they have a true connection…You can back the fuck…because that’s just idiotic. *drops mic and walks away*

House Party
Sam Hunt

Cause I’ll be at your door in ten minutes,
Whatever you got on, girl, stay in it.
You ain’t gotta leave the house to have a good time,
I'ma bring the good time home to you.

We’ll have a house party, we don’t need nobody,
Turn your TV off, break that boom-box out.
We’ll wake up all the neighbors til the whole block hates us,
And the cops will show up and try to shut us down.

If you’re gonna be a homebody,
We’re gonna have a house party.

anonymous asked:

Hello Laura! Could I ask you if, and why, you find Sara Lance a more likeable character than Laurel Lance, and if you think the writers should have given up their original plan of making Laurel the Black Canary and kept Sara as the BC instead? Thank you very much.

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #45:

Hi, Anon! I like this question. I might get myself in trouble for how I answer, but I like it. :)

I’m going to open by being completely honest about something that has gone unaddressed in any of my previous articles or posts on Tumblr:

I don’t care about Black Canary. I just don’t. I don’t come from a background in comics, and I had no idea that the woman in black leather and a blonde wig who popped up in the beginning of Season 2 was a character of any grand significance. I’m not watching a show called “Black Canary,” and I think that introducing a character whom I understand to be quite a hero in her own right in comic canon on a show on which she will inevitably be cast as lesser or love interest was a huge mistake. Arrow is always going to be about Oliver Queen, and no partner or lover or friend is going to be standing next to him as lead of the series. Arrow just doesn’t need a Black Canary, and neither do I.

So, yes, I do wish that the producers had given up on the original plan of turning Laurel into the Black Canary, especially after introducing Sara as a ready-made heroine worth her salt in both tragic backstory and combat skills. If Black Canary was going to be a figure on Arrow, Sara was a perfect fit. Her position with the League of Assassins made her a transient character. By not installing her as a permanent figure in Starling, she would not have been stuck in Oliver’s shadow as a vigilante nor overstay her welcome as a character. A recurring Black Canary played could have been exciting and exceptional in a way that a series regular Black Canary likely will not.

Personally, I do find Sara more likeable than Laurel. Character introductions into narratives are huge for me, and I had a positive first impression to Caity Lotz both as Canary and present-day Sara.

Sara as Canary entered the scene by rescuing a girl from rapists and saving a civilian who had been trying to be a hero in a red sweatshirt. I’ve always been a huge fan of the her “No woman should suffer at the hands of men” mantra, and she had one hell of an entrance.

Sara as Sara made less of a distinct impression on me, but I was sucked in by the juxtaposition between uber-competent warrior assassin and vulnerable young woman trying not to be swallowed up by her own trauma. I cared more about her character than I did about her arc, but it was enough for me.

I’ve said before that Laurel rubbed me the wrong way from the pilot, and a recent rewatch proved that time has not changed my mind. Although justified, her anger with Oliver had too cruel of an edge to it for me to want to like her. If there had been some vulnerability beneath the vitriol in their interactions, I might have sided with her.

Besides, turning off the TV when others are watching is a major party foul. No need to be rude, Laurel. Spare the coworkers the dirty looks and let them watch the news in peace.

New The Sims 4 Information
  • Lounge- There is a lounge community lot and it is not a rabbit hole. You can go there to meet and interact with other Sims.
  • Outfits- For each clothing category (Everyday, Sleepwear, Partywear…etc.) you can choose up to five outfits to save. Your Sim can easily switch between both clothing categories and the outfit variations within those categories.
  • Trait Limits- Sims can be created with one to three traits, but they must have an Aspiration.
  • Realistic Handiness- Rather than banging on a TV with a hammer to fix it, Sims will use a screwdriver to fix the circuit board. Each object has a unique “fixing” and “handiness” animation that makes sense for that object. No more generically hitting objects with wrenches.
  • Satisfaction and Aspiration Rewards- There are no more Lifetime Rewards or LR Points. Rather, Sims gain Satisfaction through completing Whims. Satisfaction can be spent on Aspiration Rewards, which are similar to Lifetime Rewards (steel bladder, legendary host…etc.)
  • Emotions and Traits- Sims love to dance and socialize at parties, but some Sims that are tired or “loners: might sneak off to watch TV or read.
  • Parties- There are wedding parties, house parties, birthday parties dinner parties (formal house parties) and dates. You can have a birthday party or a wedding party at the park, or a date at the bar or museum. There are no baby showers.

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