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Almost Half of Canada watched at least part of the World Junior Hockey Championship on TV (population of Canada - 36.46 million people)


Eddie Guerrero Vs. Dean Malenko
WCW Monday Night Nitro
[October 2nd, 1995]

This match is mistitled as being the first encounter of Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko in WCW. The two had actually faced each other once on WCW Saturday Night, but this IS the first time these two locked horns on WCW Nitro. Guerrero and Malenko knew each other well by this point, having met in both Japan and in ECW, where they feuded over the ECW World Television Championship only a few months before this match. This is a great beginning to the feud between “The Iceman” and Guerrero, both of whom would define the fast-paced cruiserweight style that would gain WCW some strong attention.

D and I were talking about Sunday and we came up with this list. Let her know what she’s missing and if we can fill up the slots.

Emmalina needs something to do, so anyone want to message me and let me know if they wanna do something with her?

Liv Gibbs vs Violet
Enzo Amore vs Roman Reigns
Lucy vs Candi - Hell in a Cell for TV Championship
Scarlett vs Erica - Death Match
Nikki Bella vs Talia © - Ladder Match for Woman’s Championship
Jeff Hardy © vs ?? - US Championship Match
Damian © vs ?? - American Championship Match
Charlotte © vs ?? - Intercontinental Championship Match
Eva Marie © vs ?? - Hardcore Championship Match
Seth Rollins & John Cena © vs ?? - Tag Team Championship Match
Finn Balor © vs ?? - Ladder Match for World Heavyweight Championship

Erica Promo
Enzo Promo
Desi Page Promo
Liv Gibbs Promo
Faith Promo
Candi Promo
Nikki Promo
Emmalina & Maria Kanellis Promo


This Day in WCW History: The TV Title changes for the fifth time in as many days when Booker T defends against Fit Finlay fresh off a weekend of live events that saw him and Chris Benoit trade the gold back and forth, as Benoit arrives at ringside for a closer look at Booker and distracts him long enough for Finlay to take advantage with a tombstone piledriver to win his first WCW World TV Championship on the May 4, 1998 edition of Monday Nitro.


This show was on PPV and the WWF countered with the first Royal Rumble free on USA, a couple of months after threatening PPV carriers with not being able to carry WWF shows if they ran Starrcade ‘87, which Vince had countered on PPV with the first Survivor Series. Vince McMahon just wants nice, friendly coexistence. When mean ol Billionaire Ted came for him it was unfair.

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