television and obesity

We as a society are slowly becoming unable to recognize health. People see others of a healthy weight and think they’re undernourished because obesity has become so common. People don’t know what overweight looks like either. Unless a person can’t walk under their own power or is on TV, people don’t consider them obese.

Overweight and obesity happen at much lower weights than the general public thinks and it’s because obesity has become so normalized. It’s sad.

13970) I watched a tv series where obese teenagers were at a camp to lose weight. Some of them weighed two times more than I do (after they lost weight) and I was like, "Fuck, they look so much skinnier than me." Even when they weighed over x kilograms I was like, "I'm so fucking disgustingly fat compared to them," even though I weighed so much less than them. What's wrong with me, with my eyes, with my brain? I'm so scared, I don't know what's real anymore.