“Today, with the wrong decision from the goverment to disarm us, the selfdefenses of the people, we have witnessed that the corrupt goverment, the police, and thus the army are protecting the Drug Cartels,  because we have done more in a few days against organized crime than the goverment in a decade. We are officialy 25000 strong,  but in case of an emergency, we are a people army of 140000 strong ready to fight, we will not lay down our weapons, we are fighting for our freedom, for our lives, for our peace and we are willing to die fighting. Our blood is in your hands governor Fausto Vallejo. " 

This is happening in Mexico right now

Meanwhile in Mexico, the Goverment captures an average man saying is the infamous drug leader of the cartel of sinaloa el Chapo Guzman, Bullshit, no one in Mexico believes this shit, Mexican Goverment besides his brutality, violence and corruption is also very stupid, they can’t even fake a detention. Just with the height of this poor bastard.