tonight after beacg we played telestrations andlaughed so hard o got a heache and i cant remeber lauging thay hard for forever. And i miss that.and alien offerinf a coffe to fart bum spacship is the funniest pgrase in the world

the network is currently taking votes on whether or not to play a game. The game is called “TELESTRATION”. It’s the telephone game but with drawings. The ending results can be super hilarious!

Please go vote: here

Christmas Amis

-Grantaire and Enjolras are made to wear a two person ugly Xmas sweater to “spend quality time together” so they don’t argue.

-The sweater gets passed around and everyone takes pictures in it. Marius even offers to get a 3 person one for Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta next year.

-Feuilly gets a polaroid and takes so many pictures of everyone. He gives a lot of them to Enjolras to add to his growing collage of photos with his friends.

-Cosette and Bahorel bake cookies, but they get distracted and almost start a food fight in the kitchen while they’re goofing off. They end up with bombass gingerbread and spiked eggnog though.

-Jehan and Combeferre drew each other for secret Santa and somehow end up getting the same exact gift. It’s a book on African mythology, and they’re super psyched because they had planned on borrowing it when the other was done anyway.

-Courfeyrac just has part of a mistletoe with him and goes around kissing everyone with his hand raised above his head.

-Eponine rolls up with all of the party games: Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Telestrations.. the list goes on.

-Merry Christmas from Les Amis!

Telestrator’s been in progress for over a year, and there’s still a lot to do, but we’re going to pack up a stable version and call it 1.0 here soon.

To get ready for the submission and launch, I’ve started working on (yet another) new website for the app. Here’s a little preview.


Telestrator, on my iPhone?! Its more likely than you think!

I’ve been working on a fresh implementation of Telestrator, one of the features is that its universal for iPhone and iPod touch. Here’s a preview of how the UI moves around when it is rotated.