Things that are behind you

Your back, the past, those things that are nipping at your heels, a fair tailwind, him, places that you have come from, last winter, pantomime villains, your buttocks, six million ants who have just spotted that you have jam on your shoe, a populated star system so far away that it cannot even be seen through a telesope, but which is nevertheless within the infinite cone of stuff that might be said to be behind you, your wake though to be fair this may also be ahead of you as well, those things that were beneath you before you lay down, the start of the level, your army, home, a favourable tide, a trail for anyone who has the skill to follow, those people who have your back.


This is one of my favorite videos on the web:  A timelapse video of the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, a site consisting mainly of four 8.2m telescopes used to probe the cosmos.

The technology that goes into these things is quite remarkable, it goes without saying that we’ve come a long way since Galileo first turned his eye to to sky.  These modern telescopes, perched high atop rural mountains, serve as our window to the universe.  If you’re wondering what the lasers are, that would be the adaptive optics system.  The laser is used as an “artificial star” to correct for atmospheric distortion.