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Kung namimiss ninyo na si ED, this one’s for you! :)

Credits to wabby026 on Youtube!

Singing “Kahit Habangbuhay” by Yeng and Sam from the movie, I do. :)

My Kwenchong (Oct. 31/2011)

So The Teleserye Princes concert was last night and I was very disappointed that they didn’t have an autograph signing. I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet Enchong.

This morning, mga 6:30 a.m., nag-tweet si Sam at sabi nya “Astig yung hotel namin dito sa edmonton. Sa loob ng isang mall na may indoor amusement park at indoor water park.” Isa lang ang hotel na may ganyan dito sa Edmonton: Fantasyland Hotel sa West Edmonton Mall. 5 minutes from my house. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, may chance pa ako!

But when I was in school, I was checking my Facebook and twitter and my friends were saying how they already saw Enchong and Gerald walking and shopping around the mall, around 12:30 pm. I got discouraged because I didn’t think they would still be in the mall by the time I finished class at 3 pm.

So I arrived at West Edmonton mall at 3:30 pm and tried to find them. I walked around for an hour and I couldn’t find them so I really thought they had left to go visit sponsors or something. So I left the mall and was waiting for the bus. Then I got a text from my friend that Enchong and Gerald were still in the mall! So I ran back into the mall and tried to find them again. Sabi ko sa sarili ko , may pagasa pa!

Suddenly, I saw a whole crowd of Filipino people at the Waterpark viewing area and there they were! Tinawagan ko agad yung mom ko kasi magtatrabaho siya sa waterpark at 5 pm.

Nakapasok ako sa Waterpark kahit walang bathing suit kasama yung mom at auntie ko. (She got special permission) Kakalabas lang sila Enchong, Rayver at Gerald sa pool para maka waterslide sila. Sa wakas, nakita ko na sila. Nahiya tuloy ako kasi siyempre naka swimming trunks lang sila. Buti nalang nandun yung mom ko hehe.

My mom asked to get a picture with them! But I didn’t get to talk to them because of their bodyguard. So my auntie and I sat at the side of the waterpark, just watching them.

Nakakatawa sila: nagpipicture sila, may posing pa.

When they finished swimming, naghintay kami sa labas ng waterpark. Pero pumunta dun yung mga production staff. They said we all had to leave so that they could leave. Tapos sabi naman yung mom ko “pabigyan mo naman kami, ito lang ang chance namin para makasama sila kahit sandali lang” So, the production staff let them come out and take some pictures, but I still didn’t get to talk to Enchong. I just wanted to ask him if he still had the wishing star bottle I gave him through Eranie 2 years ago. Haha my mom was the one who helped direct them out of the waterpark to the hotel. Anyway, ayun. Masaya naman ako kasi at least, nakita ko sila sa personal. Next time, I’ll talk to them!

My mind can not even. I don’t even know haha

I went to Black’s to get my DSLR looked at & this guy came to help me out.  At first he said my camera would have to get sent out & fixed cause yeah something must’ve happened inside the camera’s body.  He gave me the estimates of how much it would cost & how long it would take.  Then he decided to just play around with my cam & then he took some pictures & it finally worked.  I was soo happy I wanted to pay him haha but yeah i just said Thank you & he said “glad I could make your day :)”

Then…Yes I went all fan-girl like haha but it was worth it.  I got what I wanted.. well except for a pic with enchong but this will do for now aha.  I swear Luisa & I went from one end to the other end of the mall.  Then we finally decided to just sit & wait haha then BAM..we finally saw Gerald & Rayver after like an hour.  They’re sooo nice! & ahh rayver actually has such a cute smile!

That’s it.  Today made up for what happened yesterday :D