telescopes are cool

I’m so fucking emotional about the 7 planets of Trappist 1. 

Imagine living so close to another habitable planet that it’s like a moon in the night sky. Imagine that for six other planets. Imagine hypothetical aliens in their equivalent of the renneisance, mapping orbits and studying the sky, starting to notice each other through their telescopes. God that’s so cool. Imagine knowing something is there so soon and slowly working towards getting to know them. 

Heck, even just being able to see your neighbour planets that close, even without life, makes the solar system so obviously devastatingly lonely by comparison.


Jimin fell in love with the night sky 🌙

A friend of mine is taking an astronomy class, and she was telling me about some of the impressively large telescopes that exist throughout the world. These are the sorts of things that cost hundreds-of-millions, sometimes billions of dollars, and see into the deepest, farthest, most distant recesses of space, beyond anything even conceivable in human imagination.

And of course, for projects that take many years, hundreds of people, and billions of dollars, that broaden the entire realm of human understanding, the telescopes need names. And no one tops astronomers at naming.

Ask yourself, what should one call a very large telescope? Something cool? Something unique? Something meaningful. Well ask no more, as astronomers have solved that problem. Allow me to introduce you to the 

Brilliant. Beautiful. Send it to the presses Jim. But wait! What about a telescope that’s even larger! Worry not Jim, as we’ve got that covered:

Of course. Exceptional. Elegant. But wait! What if there’s one even larg–

TL:DR Someone……please help the astronomers. 

Today I got to go to a state park and teach people about space and meteors and last year only like 10 people showed up but this year over 100 did!!! And I gave them a constellation tour and showed them Saturn and Jupiter with my telescope it was so cool!! And I met a lot of telescope enthusiasts too!


Bren MkI light machine gun

Manufactured by Enfield c.1941 for New Zealand’s military - serial number 225.
.303 British 30-round removable box magazine, gas-operated select fire, telescopic bipod, all sorts of cool moving parts.

Another iconic design due to its long service life - from the 1930′s to 1992, the Bren gun was a licensed copy of the Czechoslovak ZGB 33.


Hubble is capturing stunning photos of Jupiter’s giant auroras    

The vivid glows are created when charged particles enter the gas giant’s atmosphere near its magnetic poles; the collision with atoms and molecules in the atmosphere produce the light. While on Earth the biggest auroras are caused by solar storms — when high energy particles ejected from the Sun rain down on our planet — auroras on Jupiter are also caused by the charged particles ejected by other sources, like the planet’s orbiting moon Io. The auroras also never cease and are huge, covering areas bigger than the Earth itself.


Elizabeth turned around to see Finley and Ava standing on the top step with Wilfred. Wilf went tearing down the stairs and leapt into her arms.

Wilfred: “Mummy, mummy, Finley showed me how to work a telescope. It was so cool!”

Elizabeth: “That sounds fantastic, monkey, so you had a good time then? Want to go and stay again?”

It was the question she had been dreading to ask in fear of the answer. 

Wilfred: “Yes, but not for a while. I missed you and daddy and Penny and Jacobina and Hope too much.” 

Elizabeth: “Alright, sweetheart, I’m sure Finley and Ava will be happy to have you again when you want, isn’t that right?”

Finley and Ava smiled sadly at the affection that Elizabeth was receiving from their son. Something he had failed to show them even a semblance of over the weekend. 

So @j-j-leroy, @blacklionshiro and I were talking and it kinda turned into a sheithunk au so I figured I’d share it with you guys! Basically it’s just an excuse for cute fluff :’))

Hunk is the night guard at a local observatory. He’s a huge space nerd so he loves his job, even though it means weird hours. His boss Coran is fairly lax so he’s allowed to play with the cool telescope sometimes, as long as he doesn’t damage anything and he leaves everything exactly as he found it

There’s also a feral cat who hangs around the observatory. Hunk likes feeding her little bits of his food, and in return he’s the only person allowed to pet her

Hunk starts inviting his boyfriends Shiro and Keith (who are equally huge space nerds) to come hang out with him sometimes during his shift. *Technically* he shouldn’t be letting them on the premises but Coran turns a blind eye (he kinda has a soft spot for the boys and he loves their enthusiasm for space)

Shiro and Keith have day jobs so they can’t come to the observatory very often, but whenever they do the three of them have the best time just stargazing and playing with the cool telescope and nerding out over the stars and planets. Space is so huge, every night there’s something new to look at, so they never get tired 

Shiro brings food for Hunk to help him pass the time during his shift (even tho he packs his own meals lol, Shiro just likes spoiling him). Keith is the one who makes the food tho because Shiro is a menace in the kitchen, but Shiro helps and he always gets so happy to present the treats to Hunk

They also… sometimes end up making out in Hunk’s break room (it has a very comfy couch)

Anyway cue one night while Hunk is alone the observatory cat comes wandering in and lo! She’s carrying a kitten! Hunk is immediately smitten, and when the cat presents the kitten to him, clearly showing it off, he can’t help but tear up. She drops it at his feet and then runs back out and she comes back with another kitten! All told there are 3 of them. Hunk is highkey melting over the cute. Hunk wants to adopt them of course, and sends photos to Keith and Shiro, who also melt at how adorable they are

There’s honestly no real point to this post lol I just wanted to share the visual of a sheithunk observatory au + KITTENS! BECAUSE IMAGINE HOW TINY THE FLUFFBALLS WOULD BE IN HUNK OR SHIRO’S HANDS!

And yes they do end up adopting the kittens and they name them Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka after the 3 stars in Orion’s belt (because of course), which more often than not get abbreviated to Nita, Nila and Taka :’))

“Imagine, if you can, four things that have very different sizes. First, the entire universe. Second, the planet Earth. Third, the nucleus of an atom. Fourth, a superstring. The step in size from each of these things to the next is roughly the same, twenty powers of ten.”
     ―   Freeman Dyson   

anonymous asked:

Could I get platonic relationship headcanons for the NDRV3 bois? Just friends, because why not? Please and thank you~ :3

Sure thing Anon! (I’d like to be friends with them cry T_T)

NDRV3 Boys and Reader as friends

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The two of you spend most of your time in the library

- You often just grab a big pile of books and then sit on the chairs and read

- Once the two of you finish a particularly good book/series you’d often find yourself theorising about what could happen next

- “Saihara - kun! I think I figured out who the true killer is!”

- “What? You don’t think it’s the protagonist do you?”

- “I do!”

- !!! 

- He thinks so too!

- The two of you are the reason why the library needs to get more books

Kaito Momota:

- Each time you come over he’d happily show you some of the cool things he found

- “Look look L/n! I got a telescope now!”

- “Cool! Do you think we can find aliens?”

- “Bro.” He puts an arm around you and laughs

- “Of course we can!”

- The two of you spend the whole night looking at the night sky

- Surprise surprise, you didn’t manage to find any aliens

- The two of you eventually fall asleep leaning on each other


- He’s glad you’re not racist towards robots

- You’re rather curious about how he functions so you’d often prod and ask him a lot about what each button does

- He happily tells you of course, but he in return questions you about human behaviours

- Other than that the two of you would often go on walks

- If he felt out of place due to his appearance you’d always reassuringly squeeze his hand

- “Thank you… L/n - san”

- If you heard someone making comments about him you were ready to defend him in any way you could

- He really appreciated that

Rantaro Amami:

- The two of you preferred to spend time either gaming or watching TV shows together

- It’s not that Amami was competitive… He just really liked winning

- Also it was amusing to see you pout

- And for some unknown reason he was really good at Rainbow Road

- He was always happy to listen to you if something was bothering you and would often do his best to try and help you solve your problem

- If you were upset he’d have your favourite flavour of ice cream and a good show ready 

- He’s just generally really chill

Kokichi Ouma:

- The two of you liked to pull pranks on people

- You’d be an excellent duet, carefully planning out each prank

- “Nishishi~ Harukawa - chan is going to get so mad”

- “I know, that’s why we have to run away quickly and pretend we know nothing”

- He’d often tease you justifying himself that he can do that because he’s the SHSL Supreme Leader

- Speaking of his talent, he would always make sure to mention his organisation a lot

- He’s also the reason why you love Panta so much now

Gonta Gokuhara:

- The two of you would often spend your time watching documentaries when it was raining and looking for new insects when it was sunny

- You weren’t an expert on that sort of thing but you told Gonta that you’re determined to be someone like an assistant 

- “Aha! Gonta found another one!”

- You instantly have pen and paper at the ready waiting for things to write

- He really appreciated the fact that you were willing to spend time with him but seeing as he is a gentleman he also made sure that you did things that you liked

- The two of you would have small tea parties from time to time

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He is another book lover

- Yet he does have one more hobby, he likes going to those antique shops that sell bizarre things

- You of course join him and would often point out things you either found interesting, weird or things that would interest him

- You’d often end up spending hours shopping/browsing

- If you two split up to search, you’d make sure to share your findings at the end of the day and maybe potentially swap

- He would also share all the new folklore stories he read and recommend you books that would surely interest you

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Oh boy, of course he’d like for the two of you to play tennis

- If you suck at it entirely (like me) then you’d suggested playing badminton instead

- “Badminton?”

- “Uh huh! We have to have equal chances right? Plus you have more of an advantage because you know how to use a racket!”

- After your little sessions the two of you would often go get ice cream 

- You don’t do it often, but if Hoshi teases you a bit too much you’d point out that due to his height he’s not really convincing

- “Oh yeah? I could punch you, you know?!”

- “Hah. You can’t reach~”

- “You sunk low enough.”

- You’d burst into a fit of laughter then

Ready for testing

The James Webb Space Telescope is prepared for cryogenic-temperature testing in Chamber A at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Texas.

Being a ‘cool’ telescope, JWST is designed to operate at very low temperatures (around -230° C). This will give us an unprecedented view of the Universe at near and mid-infrared wavelengths and will allow scientists to study a wide variety of celestial objects, ranging from planets in the Solar System to nearby stars, from neighbouring galaxies out to the farthest reaches of the very distant Universe.

JWST is joint project of NASA, ESA and the Canadian Space Agency, and is scheduled for launch in October 2018 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

More about the cryogenic-temperature testing on NASA’s JWST website.

More about JWST

Credits: NASA/Chris Gunn

emery: come on, let’s go inside. i’ll give you the grand tour.

johnny: trust you to move into the only house in town with a giant telescope on the roof. should’ve anticipated it, to be honest.

emery: hey!! don’t hate the telescope. space is cool!

johnny: oh, yeah. super cool. 

emery: god, i almost started to forget how sarcastic you are. 

johnny: no chance of that anymore.