I'm sad right now.

One of my best friends is leaving to live in NY soon. I just went on her tumblr and I saw her post. I almost cried just reading it. And I realized how sad I am going to be. This blows. I’ve really missed her because she hasn’t been in school and her seat just sits vacant there next to me. And it makes me sad. I am going to miss her so freaking much. Dude…I’ve had at least one class with her every year since high school, except this year. Maybe it was a way to make the sadness easier, but its not. IT. SUCKS. I am going to try to visit her somehow. You know I was supposed to get my license and I was supposed to drive all my friends around and all that and just chill and relax and escape from school. Finally feel like teenagers you know? I just hope it won’t be one of those friendships where you were so close and then they move away and you talk every single day. Then the calls, e-mails, and all that start to slowly dwindle until you stop talking. I don’t want to cry right now because I should be doing my history notes…but I’m going to miss her so much. And I haven’t freaking seen her and there isn’t enough time in the day to do anything. I’m going to miss her…I know I’ve said this how many times but deal with it. I am. And it’s going to be so hard when she leaves :’(