hey folks! this is your friendly neighborhood cannibal fannibal with a fic rec list that are all nsfw lmao

A Melodic Affair by VesperNexus [Word Count: 5,289]

Hannibal attempts to teach Will how to play the piano. Instead, he teaches him something else entirely. The result, he finds, is infinitely more satisfying.

Brothers by eatthebunny [Word Count: 25,470]

Will and Hannibal are new lovers. Will never knew Hannibal had a twin brother.

I’m Your Favorite Drug by TimmyJayBird [Word Count: 55,854]

Dragged one night by his close friend Alana to one of Baltimore’s top strip clubs, Hannibal Lecter is convinced he will experience the worst night of his life, that is until he sees an oddly alluring boy across the room, and finds infatuation can quickly worm it’s way under his skin. But can he teach this young man, Will, how to embrace such attraction, and open him up to a whole new world of experiences that perhaps Hannibal had not even been braced for?

My Lord by the_heart_and_the_brain [Word Count: 2,554]

MadforMads wanted medieval King Hannibal, English Prince Will and stockings…how could I refuse?

Society Rules, Not Always Justified by WarriorOmen [Word Count: 2,315]

“Do you have daddy issues?” Hannibal asked, with the same calm tone he might voice to the weather, or some other mundane thing that did not hold the same connotations as “daddy issues.”

Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy by A_M_Kelley [Word Count: 4,114]

Will’s session with Hannibal seems to go from tense to awkward as they discuss Will’s supposed daddy issues with Jack all the way to Hannibal exploiting the fact that Will secretly wears women’s underwear.

The First Heat by telera [Word Count: 7,755]

Teenager!omega!Will has his first heat and teenager!alpha!Hannibal gives him a hand.

Tearaways and Ties by xisney [Word Count: 3,194]

Hannibal AU where Will is a stripper who broke his ankle and Hannibal is the physiotherapist who helped him back onto his feet. This is just about them smooching though let’s be honest.

Unwillingly Mine by coloursflyaway [Word Count: 4,719]

Hannibal answers Will in the catacombs. And by answering, I mean that he fucks him mercilessly against one of those pillars.

Shelf Stocking in the ABO Library

Here are just a few of your recent recs and some of our AO3 ongoing haul that have been popped in the library today and are on the shelves ready to be read!

We’re hoping to post regular updates like this as the library fills. Fingers crossed you’ll get a second one of these tonight as we continue to plow through the trolley!

A bit of a mixed bag for you tonight!

Alpha Hannibal/Omega Will

Canon: Seasons 1 - 3

Better Living Through Pheromones SERIES by canis_m @unicornmagic
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Season/Series 01, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Caretaking, Rimming, Oral Sex, Discussion of mpreg, Anal Sex, Daddy Kink, Spanking, Domesticity, Watersports, Come Marking, Praise Kink, D/s undertones
Summary: On the hunt for the Minnesota Shrike, Will goes into heat early. Good thing there’s a doctor on call.
Words: 24,853 Works: 3

Canon: Season 4 onwards

Off the Opal Coast by Arabellah @cometbohemian
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Crack Treated Seriously, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Inappropriate Humor, Nice Hannibal?, Implied Mpreg, Confusion, Additional Tags to Be Added, We woke up Married holy jesus on a pogostick, There Will be Crying and an actual Plot, Slow burn, Some Angst, Biology, Ranting at each, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Mischa Lives And she’s the BEST
Summary: After falling, Will Graham waited for death in Hannibal’s arms, but did not expect to find himself suddenly on a bed with him. Call it fate or not, it seem’s death wasn’t their true ending, but the start of something both weren’t aware of. Like being married and having new concepts on society.
As luck would have it, it seems Off the Opal Coast they were given a new life and new beginnings.
Language: English Words: 26,127 Chapters: 5/?


The Cheeky Patient by telera @telerafairlyreie

Explicit // M/M // Tags: Underage, also Dr. Frederick Chilton/Will Graham, Shota, Medical Kink, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Fingerfucking, Dildos, Knotting Dildos, Fucking Machines, omega science, Extremely Underage, Dubious Consent
Summary: A cheeky omega boy is referred to alpha Dr. Lecter for treatment…
Language: English Words: 4,309 Chapters: 3/3

Alpha Will/Omega Hannibal

Canon: Season 4 onwards

Blood Bond by HotMolasses @evenunevenme
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Canon-Typical Violence, Murder, Sex, very bloody Porn With Plot
Summary: In a modern, civilized society, most people take suppressants to keep their Alpha or omegan attribute from ever developing. Hannibal of course does no such thing, and is an omega desperate to awaken the Alpha in Will. He finally succeeds when they kill the Dragon together, causing Will to go into rut immediately.
Language: English Words: 71,562 Chapters: 14/14

Peachfire Whiskey by KareliaSweet  @lovecrimevariations
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Teacher-Student Relationship, Professor Will, Sexual Coercion, Anal Sex, Knotting, No mpreg, young!Hannibal, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Masturbation, Teasing, Rimming, Scent Kink, Topping from the Bottom, Dildos, Knotting Dildos, Blow Jobs, Bonding, Happy Ending
Summary: Will knows he’ll remember this scent until the day he dies. Hannibal smells like firewood, and malt whiskey, and roasted peaches drizzled in honey. He smells like nothing Will has ever scented before, and it is so divine it dizzies him.
The Adventures of Professor Will Graham and His Terribly Naughty Omega Student, Hannibal Fucking Lecter.
Language: English Words: 22,076 Chapters: 5/5

Omega Hannibal/Omega Will

Small Plates: Hannibal Ficbits by canis_m @unicornmagic : Chapter 8: “Worser Living Through Pheromones”
Teen And Up Audiences // M/M // Tags: Omega/Omega
chapter 8 “Worser Living Through Pheromones” - O/O remix of “Au Jus
Language: English Words: 7,899 Chapters: 8/?


Perturbation by captaineifersucht
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Mating Cycles/In Heat, Anal Sex, Knotting, Rimming, Possessive Behavior
Summary: Nigel doesn’t know that Adam’s in heat.
Language: English Words: 1,600 Chapters: 1/1

stars shining bright above you by docbloom
Mature // M/M // Tags: Mpreg, Fluff, Kid Fic, Established Relationship, Domestic af,Non-Linear Narrative
Summary: Adam cries, a lot. Nigel will tell you that he didn’t cry, but then again Nigel’s always been a liar.
Language: English Words: 2,120 Chapters: 1/1


Brownham / Matthew Brown/Will Graham

Chrysalis SERIES by Annibal
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Eventual Happy Ending, Eventual Fluff, Mentions of miscarriage, mentions of Molly/Will, Eventual Smut, Knotting, Threats of Rape/Non-Con, Biting, Bonding, Major Character Injury, Hurt/Comfort, Medication, Mildly Dubious Consent, Miscarriage, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mpreg, Post Mpreg, Kid Fic
Summary: Brownham ABO - Alpha Will/Omega Matthew
Words: 59,579 Works: 5

A Multitude of Sins SERIES by Annibal
Explicit // M/M // Tags: Smut, Knotting, Mating Cycles/In Heat, One-Sided Attraction, Kid Fic, Murder, Rimming, Fluff, Mpreg, Fluff and Smut
Summary: Brownham ABO - Alpha Will/Omega Matthew
Words: 39,166 Works: 3

Delicate Webs SERIES by Annibal
Explicit // M/M, M/M/M // Tags: also Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Threesome - M/M/M, Polyamory, Dubious Consent, Dubious Morality, Dubious Ethics, Manipulative Hannibal, Manipulation, Possible Forced Pregnancy, Breeding, Knotting, Omega Hannibal, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mpreg, Mentions of Will/Matthew, Kissing
Summary: Brownham ABO - Alpha Will/Omega Matthew/Omega Hannibal
Words: 3,385 Works: 2

Mated Hawks SERIES by Annibal
Explicit // M/M // Tags:
Breeding, Shameless Smut, Knotting, Dubious Consent, Biting, Forced Bonding, Forced Pregnancy, Mpreg, Kissing, Fluff, Pregnant Sex, Kid Fic, Christmas Fluff, Valentine’s Day, mated hawks, Post Mpreg, Worship, Comfort Sex, Halloween, Grandparents & Grandchildren
Summary: Brownham ABO - Alpha Matthew/Omega Will
Words: 32,344 Works: 20

shelved: 29 Sept 2016

Berlynn Wohl Presents “Hannigram Recs List The Third” (now featuring actor AUs!)

My original Hannigram recs list is here
My supplementary Hannigram recs list is the second half of this post

My Hannigram recs are not as finely categorized as my other rec lists [Johnlock] [Newmann] [misc]. This is mainly because a lot of kinks – dark!fic, dubcon, mind control, BDSM – are kind of redundant when it comes to this pairing. So just check the tags before reading.

Hope you enjoy! And remember – just because something’s in the “Miscellaneous” category does not mean it’s vanilla! This is Hannibal, after all. ;)

Prison sex

A friend in need by trr_rr
primetime by kirkspocks

Daddy kink

Daddy loves Will by trr_rr
My sweet, sweet boy by FrostironHeart
Papa Bear by strangestorys

Pet Play

Of Warm Winter Nights by shotgunsinlace
Kitty Kid by baeberiibungh
Good boy by Monetre
Hannibal and Will’s double Dildo adventure by trr_rr
Training by Monetre
Twilight Barking by perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends)


All I Need Is A Stream by toffeecape


in between days by peacefrog


The Ravenstag by D34THR4C3R


Σίγμα Δυο by Watermelonsmellinfellon
Wage Your War by Della19
One of Those Things Everybody Whispers About by extremelyperturbed
Vicious by chee
The Ripper’s Wife by Hasegawa
Alter by luvkurai
Kvapas (Scent) by the_heart_and_the_brain
Skonis (Taste) by the_heart_and_the_brain


Ambrosia by Hammocker
Sweet Milk by LazyBaker
The Ripper’s Wife by Hasegawa


The Do by dog2222222222222222

Historical AU

Ero̱totropía by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite


Night Brood by FireFleshAndBlood

Everything Else (if any of these should go in the above categories and I missed it, please let me know)

And Swallow You Up by halotolerant
Corporeal Calligraphy by frankenberger
On Will’s Bed by TheFrenchToast (HaleToTheAlpha)
February Face by Cymbelines
Ache For Me by hannibae
Natural by mackenziebutterschnapps
singing with all my skin and bone by peacefrog
The Human Sushi Platter by telera
Morning Glory by princesskay
By The Lake by princesskay
Fortune Hath No Backward Bound by reserve
Problems by MaiTai1327
The Lecter-Graham Honeymoon by The_Button_Harlequin
Raw by princesskay
Mine by peacefrog
Mangata by louise_lux
loose ends by the score by coloredink
Kafkaesque by Gods_Trumpet
Polaroid by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
More Than Friends by orphan_account
Chesapeake Hymnal by disenchanted
Paraphiliae by SongAboutExiles
Contemplation by sphekso
None of our secrets are physical by Nerve_Itch
Tagelied by KareliaSweet
blood and seawater by kirkspocks
Sea Change by xzombiexkittenx
I Will Die By Your Hand by detritius
Convince Me I’m Not Drowning by detritius
he has raised me from the pit and set me high by coloredink
and built a little house that we could live in by coloredink
Change Me (If You Dare) by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles
Ouroboros by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
Boucherie by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
Sarabande by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
Kissing the Fang by t_pock
The Arranged Marriage by telera
Crying by trr_rr
I’m on Fire & Nevermore by DarkDee
fear has gripped me but here I go by pentipus
We Are But Dust and Shadows series by OneHandedBooks (also contains Will/Abigail and Hannibal/Abigail)
Apoplexy by Byrdye
Words, Words, Words by KareliaSweet
Sempiternal by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite

HANNIBAL ACTOR AUs (some fics may also contain Hannigram)

Adam Raki/Nigel

The Necessary Death of Nigel Ibanescu by stagsinsilence
Saving You by princesskay
synchronize by trr_rr
A Necessary Life by DarkmoonSigel
Spacedogs watch a porno by trr_rr
You Did What? by KissTheCannibal
No, Really, You Did What? by KissTheCannibal
Looking For Satellites by writtenbyizzy (BakerStreetMuse)
Planemo by captaineifersucht
Puppy Training by telera

Adam Raki/Lucas

Transcendental Orbit by GhostPatches


Mooncoin Jig by DarkmoonSigel
Postwar by cognomen
Sometimes in Summer by trr_rr
Grace by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite


Blood on Steel by MonstrousRegiment
The Thunder of the Drums by MonstrousRegiment


The Passing Bell by emungere

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good Hannigram authors to follow, for things like omegaverse?

oh-dr-lecter Check out her tags because she has an insane amount of it as well as tons of other fantastic stuff

telerafairlyreie also has a lot plus some of the most adorable fics and AUs

 ter0rr​ has some oegaverse and PUPPY!WILL!! 

luvkurai  is another. Has a HUGE tag archive and you could spend a week there and not read everything.

These four are the most prolific, fairly consistent Omegaverse writers I know, especially Telera and  Oh Dr Lecter *takes a moment to love all over them*.

These are some of my favorite fics

Sleep Like Dead Men, Wake Up Like Dead Men by Rosenritter (One of my absolute favorite Omegaverse Fics and the one that got me into Omegaverse)

Sick Day and Keeping An Omega by sku7314977

Little Boy Lost by Durrant

Fresh Meat by FIreFleshAndBlood This is AlphaMargot!/Omega!Will but it’s GOOD

A Knack For Monsters by sugarmaus

Burn Through The Night by aliceland

Red City by madnizilla

Wage Your War by Della19

Firewood Duty by berlynn-wohl Tristhad but that just makes it even better

De Profundis by aglassroseneverfades

Berlynn Wohl's "Catching Up With Johnlock and Hannigram" post

Greetings, true believers!

The purpose of this update post is to supplement to my Johnlock rec posts here and here and my Hannigram rec post here.

Hope you enjoy! As always, do heed the tags – just because something’s in the “Miscellaneous” category does not mean it’s vanilla!


Johnlock – Pet Play

The Perfumed Garden by StudyOfTheBrain
Spoiled Kitty ‘Verse by philalethia


Johnlock - Tentacles

The Case Of The Consulting Cephalopoid by Random_Nexus
A Study in Homo-Octopoda by darkangel1211
Just One by drwatsonsjournal
No Better Excuse by Percygranger


Johnlock – Star!John

Celestial Bodies by UrbanHymnal


Johnlock – Mpreg

Until We’re Done by okbutjusthisonce
Built For It by okbutjusthisonce
Spawn by okbutjusthisonce
Handle with Care by annabagnell
Pressure by annabagnell


Johnlock - Omegaverse

Going Nowhere Fast by bobross
Her Majesty’s Secret Service by ButterscotchCandybatch
The Breath Between Us by fayfayfay


Johnlock – Plushophilia

Like a Teddy Bear by Citrine (orphan_account)
Bear Essentials by Citrine (orphan_account)


Johnlock – Watersports

Boys Will Be Boys by Citrine (orphan_account)
The Tickle Monster is an Elephant in the Room by The_Sherlocked_Shadow



Ensnared by Sexxica


Johnlock – Miscellaneous

What My Body Has Seen by philalethia
Not My Area by SailorChibi
Let’s Talk Shop by testosterone_tea
Scorpion Universe by buttsnax
The Way to a Consulting Detective’s Heart by Brennah_K
Bread And Honey by Dirty_Corza
Comorbidity by merripestin
How Can I Meet You? by pennypaperbrain
Sex with Sherlock by magikspell
My Love is as a Fever by Bishopsbird
Color of Your Love by twoandfour
The Dance of Death by Citrine (orphan_account)
Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice
Control by LapOtter



Hannigram – Daddy kink

Daddy Loves You by foxontherun


Hannigram - Omegaverse

Tender Loving Care by extremelyperturbed
Exposing the Truth by Durrant
Sculpted Desire by Durrant
Snared by cutglasscaress
sing for the damage we’ve done by coloredink
Tested in Blood by Annibal


Hannigram - Miscellaneous

Omega Point by cognomen, whiskeyandspite
Laconic by cheshirecat101
The Solitary Mermaid by telera (not going to include any more telera recs, because everyone knows telera’s work and it’s all awesome)
Equilibrio by lepus
by sketchnurse
throwing off sparks by coloredink
Prey Instincts by taylorpotato
You Suffer so Sweetly by DangerSlut
Wolf and I by t_pock
if you will come all the way down with me by coloredink
Penetration, Avidly Welcomed and Encouraged by DarkDreamsOfHannigram, theconsciousdarkness

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if there were any hannigram/madancy fics with virgin will/Hugh... It's for a friend 😂😁☺️

Hello Anony, about the Hannigram ones *scrub hands* I hope you mean ‘ex-virgins’ because I really enjoy the Explicit rate, soo, they are not that virgin anymore. 

Looks Like Love by Luvkurai - Is an AU from the movie Evening, and I absolutely love it. I cant stop reading again and again. Possessive Hannibal, drunk and blushing Will. Perfect. 

The Wolf You Feed by  blockedthewriter  - Hannibal is an animal. Kind of. Will is pretty virgin. A lot virgin. Or… was. Amazing story. 

Silence by KoolJack1 - Hannibal and WIll are kids in the orfanate from Hannibal’s story. Is really sad, but is beautiful. My eyes did a lot of sweat while I readed. 

Ero̱totropía by drinkbloodlikewine and whiskeyandspite - Ancient Greece AU and is made by whiskey and blood. That is it. You dont need any other reason to go read it. Their are my babes and are godses of writing. (also the story is amazing and Will is a naughty little thing and very smart and Hannibal is his mentor and is perfect).

Little Arts of Vice  by drinkbloodlikewine , whiskeyandspite -  another one by my babes. This one is just too gorgeous. Mischa is alive, and she makes a bet with Hannibal, and Will is such a virgin. He blushes when Hannibal touches him. Perrrfect. 

Tutelage by telera -  Will is really underage here, so be attention to the warning notes. BUt he is such a naughty little virgin, and Hannibal is his tutor too. Really good. 

Im sorry about the Madancy. As Madancy is an Au by itself, I dont think you will have much lucky in a virginHugh. So, if anyone else knows, I would love to read it too. You can help your self by thinking that no matter how much HUgh have sex he will always be a virgin. I mean. Look at it. 

He is too pure. Sex cant corrupt him. His pure body get it self virgin again.

Berlynn Wohl’s Hannigram Recs List!

So here’s my Hannigram recs list. I threw it together in less than an hour, so please let me know if you see any bad links or miscategorizations.

You’ll notice it is not as finely categorized as my other rec lists [Johnlock] [misc]. This is mainly because a lot of kinks – dark!fic, dubcon, mind control, BDSM – are kind of redundant when it comes to this pairing. So just check the tags before reading. :) Hope you enjoy!

Big, plotty, over 10,000 words, that sort of thing:

The Crystal Ship series by bluesyturtle
Pyrexia by solitary_thrush
Heart and Mouth by disenchanted
Vibrio Vulnificus by solitary_thrush
Company by Iamnotalungfish (WIP)
Consenting to Dream by emungere

Murder Family

wishing ghosts to rise by coloredink
Whipping Boy
by Madelinesticks
It’s A Strange Kind Of Home
by colorofakiss


Silhouette Over Innsmouth by chicagoartnerd (Lovecraft)
Come, Scientist, Destroy by thisisthefamilybusiness (SCP Foundation)

Puppy play

Breeding by milkystarlight
by trr_rr
Bound to You
by Studentxdreams1
Good Boy
by EnderWxx
I’m still a good boy
by EnderWxx
by trr_rr
Bad boy
by trr_rr
by trr_rr

Daddy kink

Rainy day by trr_rr
After naptime
by trr_rr
The Naughty Corner
by trr_rr

Belly kink

Minor, Difficult, Sensible Action by foxontherun
by Misha (timetomeetthedevil)
Daddy Loves You
by foxontherun
Seeing More
by trr_rr


The Examination Room by telera
by trr_rr
by ohfreckle


The Samone (Consciousness)series by the_heart_and_the_brain
Conjugal Visit
by Coragyps
Hannibal Omegaverse
by halfhardtorock
On the Benefits of Sound Reasoning
by NewWonder
by telera
I could just eat you up (but not literally)
by mjnobody

Oops Will/Abigail how did these get in here

The Way We Sleep by halfhardtorock
Luring the Fisherman by GoldenJezebel

Miscellaneous (if you feel that any of these should go in the above categories, please let me know)

Feast by halfhardtorock
knife and fork
by disenchanted
Have You Passed Through This Night?
by solitary_thrush
A Particular Affinity
by louise_lux
Stay the Night
by Madni
Sheep Thrill
by Extinction (sheep!Will)
Fraternally Yours
by Angelas
by luvkurai (slave!Will)
Wants by Hannibaland
not quite phone sex
by trr_rr
The Kinbaku Box
by telera (WIP)
Batter My Heart by amarriageoftrueminds
by malchanceux
Changed from the one who was all to me
by Durrant
Say Stop
by whiskeyandspite
Hands-on Therapy
by irridescentsong, jcrowquill
recipes for fine dining
by theviolonist
Only the Tender Meat
by Isagel
by syllogismos
Lay Your Head Down, Love (There Are No Monsters Here)
by monsterthing
by thedogsofdoomarehowlingmore
down, down, down
by bunbunjolras (WIP)
A Retreat by Ori (blockycurvature)
Pin-Up Boy
by eigengrau
In The Deep
by FireFleshAndBlood (Mermaid AU)

Also! There are a couple great authors who post their stuff on Tumblr. Be sure to check out oh-dr-lecter’s writing tag and luvkurai’s smutty responses to smutty anons