A Day in Sandwiches

6:30 The day begins with something simple and hearty - my interpretation of a Mexican torta with black bean paste ( I actually use a slightly complicated recipe that I will discuss in a late post but a perfectly serviceable one is available here), avocado and spicy sopressata. The real revelation of this sandwich is that you can make the bread quite simply at home

The aroma is more invigorating than a cup of coffee. More importantly,  whipping up a few rolls makes the prospects of the day seem bright, that this will be the first of many little victories.

12:00 The day is hot and dry. The sun is directly overhead. Lunch calls for a light, cool and zesty sandwich that doesn’t take too long to prepare. I sliced a mini-baguette and toasted it for just a minute to give it a little crunch. I then layered the bread slices with tomato, mozzarella and pesto. I abhor most salads, and thought that Limonata might be too predictable. Instead, I tried olives and ginger beer, which I found to be a pleasant  pairing.


4:30 The creeping gnaw of hungriness is at the edges of my consciousness. I want a snack to power me through the end of work and into the evening. I pan toasted two slices of whole wheat bread, one topped with smear of brie, which melted nicely over the bread’s surface. (Careful, not too much!) I feared the brie would be too buttery and so I added spicy sprouts and thin slices of cucumbers. Both rich and light - the perfect tea time sandwich.

7 pm The gloaming. This is a good evening to read a book and dip into that bottle of white wine that has been languishing in the fridge. I have a little bit of fig spread left over from the other day and some ham. I pan fried the ham, sprinkled a little bit  goat cheese on one piece of white bread, spooned a little of the fig spread onto the other and put a few chunks of ham between the slices. I pressed the sandwich on the stove  (using a cast iron pan as a weight) to toast the bread and melt the cheese. In a few minutes, I was happily eating the fourth sandwich of my day and fading into the night. 

P.S. I am still working on nighttime photography and I was a little unhappy with the results of the last shot, and so here it is in the daytime. 


Also, I didn’t have time to do a post about grilled cheese sandwiches, which actually sparked the day in sandwiches idea, so be on the lookout for a post about that soon. In the meantime. Grilled cheese!


Tortas, la dieta de la “T”

“En su amplia mayoría nosotros, los mexicanos, incluimos en nuestra dieta diaria alimentos pertenecientes a lo que en el lenguaje citadino se conoce como la dieta de la “T”. La dieta de la “T” consiste en una alimentación sostenida por tacos, tortas, tamales y todos aquellos alimentos que podemos encontrar en la calle. En esta ocasión toca hablar de las deliciosas pero tortas que quien sea puede degustar en la zona metropolitana de la Ciudad de México (CDMX)”.

“Las tortas, en la comida mexicana son muy socorridas, estas se forman a partir de un pan llamado telera o bolillo con ajonjolí esparcido en la tapa, partido a la mitad, cada tapa del pan es aderezada con mayonesa o crema. Las tortas son un alimento que aporta con nutrientes ya que lleva verduras como lechuga, jitomate y frutas como el aguacate y pimientos como las rajas y es también una diversidad de alimentos, que le dan el nombre en turno, como la milanesa, el chorizo, la pierna horneada, pollo, jamón, entre otras”.

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as you might have guessed from the cooking pics, it’s pumpkin soup! but not just any pumpkin soup? it’s Yeto’s pumpkin and cheese soup from Skyward Sword!! it’s a recipe Nintendo posted on Twitter some months back. I really wanted to make it but I couldn’t find canned pumpkin in stores until recently. mine’s not so pretty (they don’t mention what they garnish it with), but I put in a little black pepper and feta cheese, and it was great with the telera roll. AND HOLY SHIT IT MADE A TON OF SOUP.

simmering all the veggies and keeping the soup simmering and then putting it in a blender was tough work. but honestly this is like… the first cooking I’ve done FROM SCRATCH that was an actual meal and not just cookies or something. I’m kind of proud of this…