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are yall ready for another undertale theory alright here it is

Sans and Papyrus are not from Undertale’s reality. They and Gaster are refugees from a reality that was destroyed by someone like Chara.

The rules of Undertale’s reality don’t apply to them as strongly as to other characters. They talk in unusual fonts. Papyrus doesn’t have the * in front of his sentences. They can bend physics to the point where Sans can teleport as well as bend space (putting like 5 layers of joke books and quantum physics books inside each other, creating a self sustaining tornado of trash), Papyrus can do all kinds of weird shit, and they can both create a gravitational field that affects the SOUL in battle. Sans removes invincibility frames in his fight, he can attack the heart that shows your menu selection, and he’ll eventually just never end his turn to prevent you from attacking. He’s aware of how the battle system works on a meta level. Papyrus seems to know to an extent too with how his last attack stretches the battlefield, I don’t remember any other bosses that stretch the field like that. It changes shape depending on the attack sure, but not during the attack. I think Sans is the only one apart from Flowey who has shown awareness of LV and EXP too.

Sans also mentions wanting to “go home” several times, and I doubt it means he’s from a place in the underground other than Snowdin. Dude can teleport and it’s not like the underground is very large anyway. In his fight he says he’s given up on going home, and that the surface doesn’t appeal to him either. Neither the underground nor the surface are his home. The music that plays during his talk in Mettaton’s restaurant and in his basement is called “it’s raining somewhere else” and all that combined with how much of an outsider(/player) perspective he has on Undertale’s reality points so much towards him and Papyrus and also Gaster being from a different reality.

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can everyone just take a second with me and imagine ward’s reaction when he finds out fitz was the one who brought someone back through the portal

hydra: aparently it was someone called fitz

ward: you mean fitzsimmons

hydra: nope, dr simmons was the one brought back

ward: oh oh that makes sense

hydra: so we gotta get this gu…

ward: no

hydra: what

ward: yeah no no man. no no buddy man. sorry. dropped him on the bottom of the ocean once you, see, got out alive, simmons didnt have a scratch. also russian mafia, perfectly fine. he got this blind guy who could teleport and somehow dude ended up with a pipe through his chest. also garrett, he gave garrett a heart attack with this keychain thingy. also like he has the bluest eyes and sometimes he cries when you betray him and a man cant barely take that twice, three times is just a no go. no man. lets wait a few more years kay? maybe fitz simmons child yea? maybe just revenge on shield ya know… tryin to balance out my chackras… no one needs another inhuman… lemme tell you about chick named daisy johnson

hydra: yea she was involved too

ward: right 

ward: *backflips back through the ground hole*

Okay… but what if Sans was the one who was controlled by Chara in genocide run???