teleport to me jaime

There isn't a day that goes by where I stop missing you, your always in my head I see your face when I close my eyes and your in my dreams visiting me. I am so good at hiding you so deep in my heart but somedays you come out of no where and floods of our memories make me break down and there you are again sitting in my passanger seat, there you are staring at me with that certain look when you looked at me I felt like the only girl in the world and late at night I still hear your voice on my phone while I sleep. I still see us laughing and joking around. I hear all the lyrics of the songs we showed each other. And your alive again only in my mind, I miss you so much. I still feel your touch on my lips, the electricity between us whenever we were alone, I still feel your warmth running through my veins, I still feel your eyes on me when I am driving alone in my car, I can still remember us playing halo having fun with the mic, Then you calling me after, I remember how we never went a day without calling or texting, I miss the morning phone calls on lazy summer days, I miss the text messages good morning text messages and the good night sayings, I called you king and you called me queen, I miss your stupid jokes that didn't ever make sense but some how I would still be laughing so hard, I miss you so much and it feels like you died and part of me is missing. Your so faraway from me and I miss you so much, so much, no one will ever know just how much. My heart is so deeply broken and I haven't been the same since. I am not me anymore it's so hard to laugh or smile I am not happy without you in my life. I am so different I am so different, I miss you so much