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How Oliver landed in Eldarya..? - Here’s your answer.

All those things are happening after episode 13. I hope I’ll manage to make second part to it, hopefully full coloured as this one :>

This short comic is a result of today’s stream. Once again big thank you to all people that joined me on twitch! I’m still struggling with the site, but I guess it really is better than I thought :’>

Now some explanations to make things straight about few elements of the comic.

  • The necklace’s pendant is made of dragon scale and enchanted so that when its rightful owner wants the necklace back, it teleports right where they are or close to where they are. The necklace belongs to Oilell (and is the last thing from Earth she planned to keep) and landed on Earth….. not by accident *whistles*
  • Leif & Miiko are talking about the happenings in ep 13,

  • The “Oilell” showing in different places in Oliver’s life are his little sister’s subconscious calls to him to “please remember me”. They’re twins + inseparable even on uni (different fields of study but spent time together all the time), thus the call was possible

I hope you enjoyed the little comic and my stream if you were present at it.

See you sometime~!

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“it’s just a cut, really.” With my blue baby Kurt! Him being super fluff

my baby

Kurt Wagner + it’s just a cut, really

It was an accident and to be quite honest, it was your fault for not seeing the hostile mutant sneak up on you. And as much as it stung and caused pain to ripple through your torso with each step, you knew you’d be fine but Kurt, not so much.

You were sitting up on an examination table with Hank cleaning the wound when Kurt teleported into the room, right next to you and Hank, making you both jump from being startled by the other blue mutant.

“Mein Liebling, vhat happened?” he asked, taking your face in his hands, searching for answers.

“Kurt, baby, I promise I’m okay. Just a little fight, but I won.”

Hank bit on his lip, trying to not be affected by the impending awkwardness he would feel in the coming moments. He could see the look on Kurt’s face, the gaping mouth and wide eyes that screamed something akin to worry and frustration.

“Besid-” you were cut of, mid-word by Kurt’s lips landing on yours in a hurried kiss. His hands pushing you towards him. It was fast and hard and god, you missed him so much.

“Could you wait to kiss them when I’m not trying to bandage them up?” Hank interrupted, an expression mixed of disapproving and amusement.

“Sorry,” Kurt said, pulling away from you, his cheeks heating up from embarrassment while you smiled sheepishly and let Hank continue disinfecting the cut.

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I started watching life on Mars....I've made a mistake. A wonderful wonderful wonderful mistake. Ahh John Simm is just such a cutie and a great actor.^~^

He really is. LoM is a fantastic show — I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!

Other things I’d highly recommend watching him in if you haven’t:
The Lakes
Crime & Punishment
State of Play
Moving On
The Village

Aaaand pretty much anything he’s done, really. Even if some of the films/shows he’s been involved in aren’t that great, it’s always worth it to see him cry act.


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Warren worthington x reader

Prompt: ”a soulmate au where Warren saves his soulmate? sorry i can’t be more descriptive”


Warnings: none?

Warrens p.o.v

“Can it be any hotter today,” Warren asked as he laid out on a beach chair beside his friends.

“Yes, yes it can be hotter than this,” Scott explained as he looked sideways at Warren who almost looked asleep.

‘Germany is never this h-,” Warren was interrupted by Kurt who teleported right in front of him. Kurt looked speechless as he tried to speak from his blue lips.

“What is it Kurt?”

“Warren itz y-your zoulmate,” Warren quickly stood up from his seat on the chair with wide eyes.

“Where is she, what’s wrong with her,” he said as he grabbed the collar of Kurt’s shirt and lifted him slightly off the ground.

“The professor found her. She is in a school five miles from here,” Warren let go of Kurt’s shirt and he dropped to the ground. Warren ignored the rest of his friends and boosted off into the sky. He wanted to find you so bad every since he was little but he never thought he would find you here.

“(Y/n) (l/n) I cannot believe I am finding you just now,” Warren shouted into the air.

You p.o.v

It was horrifying getting your wings as a mutation. It started as a normal day you were in your classroom like every other normal student in your high school but you suddenly felt a bursting pain from your back. You tried to hide it but it soon became out of hand and you feel to the ground in pain. People started to scream as they saw the back of your shirt rip open and two big eagle like wings bursting out. Everyone in the room left you and the fire alarm soon went off. You were stuck unconscious from the pain on the ground, blood covering your back with two big wings bursting from it.  

Your eyes fluttered open and you tried to get up from the place you laid but you couldn’t. You looked to your back and screamed at the sight of the two large brown wings.

Someone broke from the glass behind you it was a man (a very attractive man) around the same age as you, with wings like yours but white. He ran over to you and knelt beside you.

“W-who are you,” you asked as he whipped away some of the blood from your back.

He looked up into your eyes which were red with tears and sighed. He showed you his wrist. Your head lurched back and your head turned down as you twisted your wrist to see the name on your wrist. Your eyes slowly looked up into his and you smiled as tears began to drip from your eyes.

“I’m (y/n).”

“I’m Warren,” he smiled and grabbed your hands and helped you up from where you laid on the ground. He held your face in his hands.

“You are beautiful (y/n).”

“I’ve looked better, you know without the blood dripping from my back,” you gave a weak smiled and he gave a small laugh.

“Can I take you to a place where you can be with people like us, mutants,” You smiled and nodded. Warren then picked you up trying not to touch the delicate wings on your back. The wings on his back started to flutter and it lifted you off the ground. You smiled and he flew through the broken window and out toward Xavier’s school.

director: okay so jongin for your scene we want you to…hm

jongin: you want me to teleport right? since all the other members used their powers

director: well yes but…teleporting won’t destroy the nurses and the fangirls

jongin: so what do i do?

director: you do what you were born to do


director:….you know what it is

jongin:…. do i?

director:….*sighs* it’s what you love to do?

jongin: *gasps* i kiss kyungsoo.

director: you dance- what?

jongin: what? oh yeah dance of course haha ha  that’s what I said too okay that’s easy

Timetraveling Roses and Tarragans

Henry failed again at keeping his magic under control. While Tori was getting better and better, Henry felt like he was just getting worse and worse. Another thing that he noticed was Tori sometimes had problems with the teleporting spells in the castle. He would walk through one, and Henry would follow in his trail, but sometimes Tori wasn’t teleported to the right place and he popped up somewhere else…

Jeu had been made to be the prince’s personal servant, the whole knight thing didn’t work out for him. He grew attatched to Henry and Tori a lot!

Timaeus and Mahiër however seemed very suspicious of Tori, especially after what Jeu had told them…

And Henry was worrying about this count that his father had invited to the castle… His dogs didn’t like Jeu at all. Jeu didn’t mind, but Henry didn’t like the looks of it at all. He had dogs himself and these dogs… they looked like they were trained to fixate on Jeu…

He sighed before picking up one of Tori’s books. 

cheyonne replied to your post: cheyonne replied to your post “cheyonne replied…

me and gabe tried to carry some plats and they were just bad, it’s harder than it sounds. Because none of them communicate they just do what they want. There is never a healer unless I’m on their team its sad

honestly i usually get a 2/2/2 comp but the damage never pull their weight we had a hanzo and sym on attack on anubis and sym put her teleporter down right next to their spawn like the only value we were going to get out of her wasted…we just needed a soldier or something

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*turns to Raspberry* How......did you manage this??

Raspberry: Well human it was quite easy.

Sans:*teleports right beside Rasp*He just kept turning the dials all the way and left them there. Think he was messing with the wires too.

Raspberry:I was supposed to explain it Sans!

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"Did you have a hard time getting up here? Do you have Pancake with you? Seriously come find me if anything starts going awry okay?"

“Yes I have little Cake with me if anything is to randomly go wrong. But hopefully people are well behaved today and nobody is a shithead. It was not too difficult to get up here because I had myself teleported. Isn’t that right, Cake?”


I’m sorry I can’t help but to think:


“Please no.”


“I did no such thing!”


“Orochi. Get me out of here right now, i mean it, teleport me right now!”

So when Karai said “eh,” it totally reminded me of my Canadian friend I met in Scotland who really does say “eh,” a lot. ^-^
And then my mind wandered (please don’t hate me Canada, I love you).

What if when Karai fled the city after losing the brainworm, she fled to Canada and that’s where she picked up “eh?”

Like what if she called Shinigami from there, and Shinigami was like, “Girrrrl you haven’t contacted me in foreverrrr…”
And Karai was like, “Okay I swear I have a good excuse but you hafta come meet me in Canada.”
And Shinigami was like, “Why should I?”
And Karai was like, “The rumors are true… they have ketchup chips.”
“Really. I have some with me right now.”
And I imagine Shinigami magically teleporting herself right in front of Karai, holding out her hands to receive said chips and being like “Shini-GIMME.”

half life au where the resonance cascade happened in the age of social media……… a tragic and terrifying puzzle being put together by the outside world of what really happened inside black mesa. videos of people panicking. an alien teleporting right next to someone. a shaky hand holding a camera phone and a terrified voice saying that we’re all doomed. also sometime briefly before hl2 Eli restores some wifi networks and there’s rebel snapchat