W.R.O.O.L. II, 2015

digital photograph/experimental digital image

Trying to revisit an old idea with a completely different technique.  When attending university, I took some credits working on an independent-study project which dealt largely with mediumship and spirit photography.  That body of work was more or less in-camera manipulation through long-exposure mixed with some light digital editing.  I did not consider them successful.

With these pieces, I’ve been taking a different route and searching for (some would suggest - dubiously) more authentic results.  The final image is made from multiple passes of exposure from a broken flatbed scanner used as an object of concentration/manipulation during sessions of light-trance mediumship which I have been conducting in my studio.  

Following capture, I assemble these exposures together into compositions within standard image editing software and conduct light editing of colour, sharpness, and contrast.

I have been encouraged by the powerfully apophenic suggestions which appear in the first series of images; forms emerge resembling anatomy and structures that are not present (or capable of being imaged) during the experimental process.  

© Bryan Paul Patterson 2015

Selected frames from Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing’s cinematographic film taken on 13th of July 1913 of Stanisława P emitting oral ectoplasm. The bright flash from the photographic process caused the sensitive substance to retreat back into Stanisława, which is what you are viewing here. The complete film is archived at the University of Freiburg at the Institute of Parapsychology.

This particular film shows a more agonizing effect on the medium as compared to an earlier film archived HERE.