All of my life i have been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy in many incarnations of the subject matter. The draw was this sense of submersion into “impossible fantasies”, where anything could happen and a plethora of interesting and unique characters will guide you through these diverse communities as part of the quest.
As i get older the same sense of wonder still surrounds this subject matter for me except elements of these “impossible fantasies” have started to become reality, a physical form or tangible concepts. 
Growing up reading comic books such as 2000AD i began to learn a language that some how shaped my world, and helped me to see the potential in my surroundings. 

Science fiction and fantasy genres highly influence forthcoming technology.
An example this is very close to home in that of my Grandmother who i remember as a child did not have a landline telephone until extremely late in life when it became a necessity for emergencies.
This was only recently discussed this with my mother, she went on to explain how my grandmother did not like the idea of talking to someone that she could not see. Adding she would not get a telephone “until you could see the person you were talking to”. My mother believes this to be because my nan had a sort of sixth sense. Although i do believe it in a sense was a prediction of future technologies, i also believe that it was a feasible one. The sort of technology in question had been around for years within the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

The earliest reference i have found of this is “Telephotfrom  Ralph 124c 41 +, by Hugo Gernsback Published by Modern Electrics in 1911

Today we think nothing of a face to face conversation on a phone, If anything it somewhat bypassed the landline and went straight into the mobile phone.  

As the example tries to emulate, i wish to research sci-fi and fantasy as predicted futures and capture the essence of these subjects as a potential tool for creation.

The combination of using fantasy as the driving force and design as an outcome really excites me. Making abstract ideas into feasible and tangible concepts.