telephone video

What if (SB50 Version):
It’s time for the halftime show. You see the stage and a large curtain in front of it. It’s black and you can’t notice anything happening. Then, you hear Beyonce’s voice in a calm tone, ‘Previously on Telephone…“ The curtain thenhas a projection of a short clip of the events that happened in the Telephone music video. Afterwards, it’s pitch black again. You hear another voice. It’s not Chris Martin or Bruno Mars. It’s a woman, Lady Gaga’s voice talking to Beyonce, "You ready, Bey?” The screen then shows this gif below and everyone starts to cheer loudly.
The music begins and you see two female figures strutting out from both sides of the stage. You know what’s about to happen, and you cannot comprehend it at all. 
The wait is finally over.
7 years waiting and it’s finally here.
The sequel to an iconic chapter.
Telephone Part 2.