Card Exercise to Enhance Psychic Skills

Hey everyone! So what I am sharing with you today is a card exercise that can be used to improve a variety of different skills. Telepathy for spirit communication, intuition, & more! I will explain how with a few different ones later, but feel free to get creative! Best thing about this, is it really only requires a deck of cards, and something to record your answers. The great thing about this exercise is that you can scale the difficulty of it as well!

Items Needed:

  • Deck of Playing Cards
  • Notebook or paper and a pen (to record your answers)

What You Need To Do - Basic Steps

First off, shuffle your deck. Now with your deck shuffled, pull one card from the top, place it face down (no peeking!). Now this is where you can include a spirit companion if you are working on telepathy with them! Keep in mind you can also use this practice to strengthen your other clair-senses as well! Have your companion sit with you and tell you if the card you chose is red or black. Don’t worry about any other thing on the card, just red or black.

If you are trying to strengthen a intuition or anything else, try to feel if the card is red or black instead of telling a companion to tell you.

Tips: Trust your first instinct. You may just feel stronger one way or the other, get a flash of color in your head, or however you may sense it or your companion may hint it to you. Go with your gut!

Make sure to record your answers! With just doing just red & black, you have a 50% chance per card of getting it right, so when you are getting 70-80% right consistently, progress so its a little harder!

Ways To Progress The Exercise

Alright so time to make it a bit harder: progress as follows:

  1. Colors Only (Black/Red)
  2. Suits Only (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades)
  3. Colors & Suits
  4. Face/Pip Cards Only (Ace, 2, 3, 4, King, etc)
  5. Face/Pip & Colors
  6. Face/Pip & Suits
  7. Exact Cards

Safe time to progress is when you are hitting 60-80% accuracy for the first few. Progress as you feel comfortable on the last few! Good luck!

I was taught this exercise several years ago, so credit goes to whoever really thought of it (I can’t remember who taught it to me!). But I really hope you enjoy this and it helps you!

I won’t say I have not been listening to Telepathy on repeat for the last 4 days.

Anyway, this fan art comes in pretty late in the game, I have to apologize.
It is pretty self-explanatory. I was so touched by all of their scenes together throughout the series, and basically their whole relationship. I am still blown away by how good series can get. Honestly, please go watch the Get Down if you haven’t already.

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anonymous asked:

Is there way to connect to animals like cats/dogs, reptiles, birds etc

For snakes specifically:

To call upon the wisdom of snakes, place sprigs of lavender in a circle at night time, and draw the image of a snake inside. Issue a call to the spirit of the snakes. Explain what you need to know and why you have called them forth. Go straight to bed to receive an answer in your dreams.

To compel an animal to follow you:

To compel a dog, horse, or other animal to follow you, utter these words three times into their ear:

“Casper guide thee, Balthazar bind
thee, Melchior keep thee.”

To communicate with animals with your mind:

To commune with an animal with whom you have a relationship, look into his or hers eyes while envisioning a circle of light encircling you both. Close your eyes and match the rhythm of your breathing to the animal’s. then think:

“I pronounce to thee my intentions,
with heart and spirit high.
I am here to hear, or to be.
Be my animal guide.”

Be aware of any message the animal may be sending. 

20 Signs That You Have Met Your Twin Flame

The twin flame phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread across the globe, due to the vibrational shift that is happening within the human consciousness and the universe itself. Twin flames are often mistaken in the media as a lovey-dovey and perfect relationship, but in reality it can be a very painful and confusing experience to endure. This is because your twin flame is the mirror image of you, not just reflecting a good side, but the bad and the ugly parts of you that you don’t like, unaware of or afraid of.

The whole point of a twin flame relationship is to grow psychologically, spiritually, sexually and physically so that you can heal from the past and let go of emotional pain that is subconsciously attached to it. Many twin flames often go on to a path of enlightenment after meeting their counterpart. Due to this connection being divine and soulful, both twins go through a spiritual awakening. This is the first process both of them have to go through. The process of spiritual awakening can be difficult because it forces us to peel the outer layers of ourselves and begin to live a more authentic life.

There are an awful lot of people in today’s world that enter a relationship with someone because of their status, finances or physical looks. This is a problem because you think you’re in love with them but in reality you’re actually in love with their façade or their mask so to speak, and this why many 3D relationships fail. When you are in a 3D relationship, there is no chance for growth - only pain that will affect your future relationships. The ego is the main reason why these relationships fail. Soulmates, on the other hand, are much easier and more comfortable and pleasurable, much more than karmic relationships or twin flame partnerships (would you believe!) because they don’t trigger the shadow self inside us either in a negative way or for a more positive purpose, such as healing.

In contrary to popular belief, we actually have lots of soulmates that belong to the same soul family as us. Soulmates can be your neighbour, a friend, your boss, a colleague, your brother or sister, a parent, a stranger or a distant relative. These relationships aren’t necessarily romantic to begin with, but they can develop into love over several years, if not decades. They can also be platonic companionships that last for a lifetime. Most people would prefer a soulmate than a twin flame or karmic twin because it is much easier emotionally and there’s less of a chance experiencing pain. I will write a post about soulmates and the signs of encountering one at a later date, as they are slightly different to that of a twin flame.

So in this post I will guide you through the signs of a twin flame encounter to help you figure out and confirm the connection you might have with that special someone.

1. You feel a sense of coming ‘home’ when you are around them or talking to them in the 3D realm

2. There is a feeling of pure unconditional love between you

3. Déja vu

4. Telepathy

5. Instant connection and recognition

6. They expose the inner light and dark within you

7. You constantly mirror each other

8. The connection feels destined or fated in some way, like it was planned by the universe (divine timing)

9. Strong sexual attraction and desire to merge with one another

10. Both of you live too far away from each other to make a physical relationship possible

11. The love you have for them is so deep that it scares you, which causes you to run from them out of pure fear

12. Somewhere deep down inside of you, knows that this is the person you have been waiting for your whole entire life

13. Repeated synchronicities and signs

14. The relationship you have with them is multi-faceted - both of you are like each other’s spirit guide, best friend, confidante, protector and their ultimate lover all in one

15. When you meet them for the first time, you experience a kundalini awakening

16. You feel a sense of euphoria when you are with them

17. Your psychic abilities and intuition are heightened and strengthened

18. They enter your life during a time of despair, heartbreak or bereavement or at a time when you are the least expecting them

19. You have had reoccurring dreams about a mysterious stranger before meeting them on the earthly dimension

20. Consistent yearning to meet them in person