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In which they see the channel for Old Telenovelas (soap operas) and they decide to see “Maria La Del Barrio”. You know , friendship thursdays are for fangirling in front of the T.V. over your favorite characters. And yesss, they see the famous chapter that you might recognize for the video:

Meet Kyl (J) (4/17/17)

Meet Kyl, a sea dragon from Spain! He’s about 2 feet tall and 5 feet long. His accent is thick but still understandable. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and English. He’s very romantic and is generally looking for a good friend in a woman who is someone who he can flirt and have fun with!
He’s okay with someone who is a beginner, but would like for them to have some communication skills. He would love to teach people about where he is from and the languages he knows!
He has two forms: sea dragon form and a human form. In the former form, he has black scales with gold edging and three gold horns on his head. His human form has a similar style to a Telenovela star. Kyl has soft wavy brown hair, no shirt, lots of gold bracelets, rings, and earrings, and white beach pants. His skin is very tan and has blue eyes like the ocean

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  • Aries: The star-crossed lovers are possibly siblings [INCEST].
  • Taurus: Someone is humiliated/bullied into becoming evil and seeking revenge.
  • Gemini: Good twin and evil twin scenario.
  • Cancer: Evil step-parents or step-siblings make a characters life living hell.
  • Leo: Repetitive and annoying love triangle.
  • Virgo: A character reveals themselves to have not died.
  • Libra: Acid is thrown at someones face.
  • Scorpio: Innocent character takes off their face mask to reveal themselves as the villain in disguise.
  • Sagittarius: The virgin female character has sex for the first time and get's pregnant.
  • Capricorn: The hero and villain are actually related.
  • Aquarius: Wedding where one of the characters that was ditched in the Love Triangle objects and runs away with the bride.
  • Pisces: Innocent character is pushed down the stairs but wakes up with temporary amnesia that doesn't allow them to remember who pushed them.
Racism against latinx telenovelas stars

This issue is one close to my heart. I grew up seeing telenovela stars on tv with my mom.

The new york times did an article about the pay differences latinx stars working for telemundo get compared to other american drama stars. Telemundo is based in Miami and is owned by NBCUniversal.

Pablo Azar, a telenovela star, also works as an uber driver “between acting gigs” to get by. This would be unthinkable for mainstream american drama tv actors. Can you imagine what uproar there would be if Bryan Cranston, walter white from breaking bad, wasn’t getting paid enough?

Telemundo, if you don’t know, is extremely popular "It’s ratings have climbed so high that this summer it billed itself as the fourth major network" So why aren’t the actors paid more?

because Telemundo’s shows are in Spanish the company argures that the shows are different from others produced in America because of this Telemundo has been able to avoid pressure from the television industy’s main union , SAG- Aftra

In summary: Telemundo is able to get away with paying their most popular stars much smaller amounts than other mainstream american tv companies because they claim “It’s in Spanish so traditional regulations don’t apply to us.”

read the article here for more

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JTV Appreciation Week: Day 2

↳ Favorite Male Character

No, no, no, no. Forget it. Rogelio de la Vega doesn’t do adorable. He goes big or he goes home…to his mansion on the beach.

anonymous asked:

What are some examples of racism in Sense8? I am still at the beginning and for now I find the fact that everyone is talking English with an accent instead of their languages very irritating

Ok so this is by no means a complete list (I’m only 6 episodes in) but here’s a few things I’ve noticed (there’s a TL;DR under the read more). Granted some of these may be resolved by the end of the series but right now this is what bothers me.

You are completely right in noticing that everyone is talking English with an accent instead of their languages. let me elaborate on why this is annoying. If you watch with the subtitles on you’ll notice that at some points they use the subtitles to say, “in Swahili,” or “in Korean” which basically acknowledges that yes they don’t want to make their audience “work” to make out the English. That is a fundamentally ethnocentric view to take and its compounded by the fact that because the show has such a diverse cast they could have conceivably made it so it was equal in its focus in different regions.  This wouldn’t have been just a “Western hemisphere” show it would have been a show that literally spanned the world. 

Furthermore they specifically use languages other than English when the audience is meant to be confused and using the subtitles then. why is this an issue? Well think of it this way, it makes English the common language when they can actually feel each other.  Making English the default heightens the xenophobia most Americans already have towards foreign languages. For example, I’m bilingual, if Lito’s parts were all in Spanish I would have understood all the parts that were in English and Spanish. Reading the Korean, and Swahili would not have been a huge burden at all and others who are fluent in those languages would have felt more included.

Moving away from the languages bit here’s a short list of other instances of racism:

  • Where’s Caephus? Here’s the imdb screenshot

Here’s Caephus’ trailer

Admittedly this might be an oversight but I want people to complain to imdb. He’s fucking brilliant ok? And as the only man of color in the central group (I’m sorry Naveen Andrews’ Jonas doesn’t count as a central character) he deserves to be credited!

  • Lito Rodriguez is played by Miguel Angel Silvestre a Spaniard (that is a white Spanish born European) and he’s not Latinx. This is an important distinction because any Spanish born person who’s white only experiences occasional xenophobia in the US. They don’t have the added burden of being latinx. And in Latinoamerica Spanish born people have automatically been chosen to rule over the mestizos/mixed people.  Because they’re white.  
  • In colonial era Mexico being born to Spanish parents classified you as a criollo, (which is to say that there was a caste system in place that prioritized white Spaniards and their offspring over anyone else) and just for context this caste system was in place until at least my father was in school in Mexico.  So they basically cast a white European to play a Spaniard telenovela star which is by default a latinx industry basically following the white supremacist formula established when Columbus came to the “New World” white people ruling in PoC countries.  

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Character: George Oscar Bluth II or Gob Bluth
Appears in: Arrested Development
Commonly Interpreted as: Straight

But Actually: Gob is known to be a womanizer, though he often exaggerates about his romantic encounters. He dated a telenovela star, Marta, in season 1, and, on a series of escalating dares, married a woman who trains seals  and almost immediately becomes estranged from her. In the season 4 revival, Gob infiltrates a gay club, whilst pretending to be gay in attempt to sabotage his rival, Tony Wonder. They end up experiencing romantic feelings for each other and have a sexual encounter. 

Gob is bi/pansexual.

With many thanks to hermionemollypeggypond for this submission.

“Jane the Virgin” is one of the best shows on television.

A lofty claim, considering how utterly flawed almost every television series is. Holistically, it is a landmark show and it has truly pushed the bounds of what great television should look like (more people of color!!!!), should sound like, and how it should be experienced. And for that, it deserves all of the accolades (yas for that Golden Globe, Gina Rodriguez!!!!).

JTV has a tongue-in-cheek format that celebrates the utter ridiculousness and drama of telenovelas, a genre akin to soap operas that has exploded in popularity across Latin America, whilst simultaneously embracing the very tropes that make telenovelas so wild. It is narrated by an impeccable Anthony Mendez who infuses every phrase with drama and, though he is not a character in the traditional sense, continually breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience: we see events other characters don’t see and our reactions are mirrored by the narrator’s response to these plot twists. There are things the narrator knows that he does not share with the audience, and in some ways, it keeps the suspense believable - after all, he is telling a story and he wouldn’t want to rush the ending. This is one of JTV’s strongest and most creative choices - the narrator is so different from any other narrator on a show. He is not really a character so his investment in the events of the show is the same as ours as audience members: he is the audience.

JTV is not above using typical telenovela tropes to ratchet up the drama, which is both a great and sometimes not so great thing: at times, the tropes get a little exhaustive (the Petra-Anezka twin swap was beyond frustrating and the resolution was drawn out beyond what was necessary to make a point) but at other times, the tropes are exactly what we need (the back-and-forth relationship between Rogelio and Xiomara, complete with “walking in on the other person passionately making out with their ex just as the person was ready to confess their love” scenes). The show knows exactly how ridiculous it is: after all, its premise involves the artificial insemination of a 23-year-old virgin by the sister of the man whose sperm was used for the insemination! And that’s what makes these tropes so incredible: as ridiculous as it may be, it still knows its audience. It knows that despite the brief moment of attraction between Jane and Rafael, it’s Michael who is Jane’s true love. It knows that even though Luisa loves Rose, Sin Rostro is a villain who doesn’t deserve to be happy. It knows that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Ro and Xo will find their way to each other.

The character relationships are honestly the crown jewel of a show that is already full of little gems. The strong cultural and familial relationship between Jane, Xiomara, and Alba drive the show forward in a way that feels effortless. Jane and Xiomara have a complicated relationship; Xiomara is Jane’s polar opposite in her impulsiveness, flightiness, and general immaturity whereas Jane is poised, organized, and mature beyond her years though the events of the pilot obviously upend her entire life plan. Jane’s commitment to the promises she makes Alba especially with regard to her virginity and her religion are especially powerful; you rarely see that type of relationship celebrated and Alba could have too easily become a trope of the intense Catholic grandma but instead, there are layers. Alba’s life pre-America is similarly complicated, as Season 3 has unveiled, and her adherence to her faith is strong because of those events, in a way that doesn’t feel like religion is being shoved down our throats but rather that it is one facet of a complex character. Xiomara and Alba have a fascinating relationship as well; despite Alba’s disapproval of many of Xiomara’s choices, the love she has for her daughter is above and beyond comprehension and it feels real, tangible, and authentic.

Though Rogelio and Jane spend 23 years apart as father and daughter, their relationship quickly becomes one of my favorites on the show. I’m a sucker for a good father-daughter dynamic, and Jane and Rogelio have a seamless chemistry. She is the mature, put together young woman who had to become an adult too soon (and because her parents turn out to both be immature) and he is the self-centered frivolous telenovela star. It shouldn’t work but it does. Up until that moment in his life, Rogelio was only ever concerned with himself and maybe the memories of Xiomara, but meeting Jane, becoming a father, is utterly transformative. You can tell - every choice he makes, every action he undertakes, becomes about being there for Jane, for Mateo, for Xiomara, for Alba, for the family he so desperately needed but didn’t know he wanted. He gets so involved with Jane’s life because he has been waiting for 23 years to be so involved. Be still my heart.

My favorite moment in the series so far was the moment when Alba is laid up in the hospital after being pushed by Magda down the stairs and Xiomara is panicking because the hospital had to call ICE and there’s a fear of Alba being deported and then quietly, without any mention, Michael helps resolve the entire situation despite the fact that he and Jane are on the outs. The relief that Jane and Xiomara feel, the utterly heartbreaking reality of undocumented immigrants and the fear they live in every day, and the sweet and kind thing that Michael does for a woman who has given up on him (seemingly) - that’s the show right there. Throw in Rogelio skipping his fancy dinner to be with Xiomara and Alba - I’m sold. I’m done. “Jane the Virgin” is the best show on television, hands down.


“Alrighty, here we go. Jane the Virgin got accidentally inseminated and this created a lot of problems for a lot of people. First, there was Rafael, the sperm donor who found himself having feelings for Jane. But he first had to deal with his scheming, cheating wife. But Petra wasn’t going down without a fight. Pretty dramatic stuff. Also dramatic: Jane’s father, an international telenovela star, was back in her life. And speaking of relationships: Jane’s mother was interested in her father. Very interested. Unfortunately, she had to deal with his ex-wife, Melissa. But Xo was winning so far. And sadly Jane’s love life was now a mess. She pushed off any feelings for Rafael because she was engaged to Michael but she just found out that Michael had been lying to her for a very long time. And that’s where we left off…”

The Virtues of Hokiness

One of the criticisms I see laid against Jupiter Ascending most frequently is that it takes itself too seriously. There is truth in this - Jupiter Ascending never winks at the audience or underlines the fundamental ridiculousness of its premise. It’s thoroughly absurd and it knows it; it simply doesn’t give a damn - Jupiter Ascending just goes with it and expects the viewer to do the same. Indeed, Jupiter Ascending sees nothing wrong with absurdity and actively wallows in it - genetic reincarnation? You bet. Insanely screwy familial relationships? Totally! Space cathedrals! Awesome! Royalty-sending bees? Of course!

Sense8, the Wachowskis’ new Netflix series, can be seen as something of a coda to Jupiter Ascending in this respect. Sense8 repeatedly shows characters being inspired to take action by films and TV shows - young Wolfgang and his friend are inspired to fight for their cause by Conan the Barbarian, Capheus finds joy and inspiration in the films of Jean-Claude Van Damme as he ekes out a living in Nairobi and Hernando finds resonance and meaning in the epically corny lines peppered throughout the Mexican telenovelas his boyfriend Lito stars in (”in the end, we will all be judged by the courage of our hearts”).

All of the media presented as inspirational in Sense8 are characterised by hokiness, exaggerated violence and extremely stylised performances. They thrive off absurd and highly contrived scenarios, and are the sort of things critics actively despise as low-brow and empty. Sense8 doesn’t give a damn for critical opinion, however, and is only concerned with how the films inform and inspire the individual characters. For all of their silliness and absurdity, the films and shows in play help to shape the characters and determine their actions and choices. Because of Conan, Wolfgang refuses to give into despair and avenges his abysmal treatment at the hands of his father. Because of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films, Capheus becomes a local hero who never loses courage and refuses to stay down. Because of Hernando’s extrapolations of the lines of his telenovelas, Lito is forced to make a difficult but necessary choice between the love of his life and his public image.

While I have yet to see reports of Jupiter Ascending making people fight off violent gang members or take righteous revenge, I have seen it inspire people to write stories and analyses and create beautiful art and costumes. I have seen countless comments from people on how happy the film made them, how it made them think about issues, concepts and theories that had never occurred to them before.

And that’s not half bad for a hokey sci-fantasy about a reincarnated space queen with an angel-wolf boyfriend and deeply unfortunate family members.

TVLine’s Winter Preview - Castle

Having been banned from working with the NYPD due to his “mob ties,” Rick sets up shop as a private investigator, “and part of that is driven by his desire to work with Beckett,” says showrunner David Amann. In fact, husband and wife will chase the same case in the winter premiere, “and of course it will not go entirely smoothly” – though it does do wonders for their love life! Beyond that, Episode 12 will dive into the world of telenovelas and guest-star Nathan Fillion’s One Life to Live pal Kamar de los Reyes; a Ryan-centric outing is on the books for later in the season; and the February sweeps two-parter will tackle a “big case,” bring back 24’s Annie Wersching as Dr. Kelly Nieman and touch upon the ongoing mystery of Rick’s vanishing/amnesia.

RETURN DATE: Monday, Jan. 12 at 10/9c (ABC)