Telekom: Be Relevant (sort of)

(Almost) Everyone knows that you can’t predict the future. In General: Predictions are useless in trading or investing and are often counterproductive. 

Paradox: At the same time, everyone loves predictions. 

So, what to do? Exactly. Find some stock videos, find some predictions (without specifying the source), mix it and present it as “relevant” for today. The main thing: it looks good. Thanks Telekom Design, well done:

Over 19 billion Dollars earned with smart wearables, 90 percent of cars connected, 450 billion internet data transactions per day. These and many more trends will shape our future and be relevant to our customers in 2023. We will be a part of this future because we already design towards it.

Do yourself a favor and watch Scott Smith’s presentation "Beware of Flat-Pack Futures" about the “insufficiently weird, bland, like-today-only-moreso futures we see depicted all around us. He proposes a weirder, more textured, more contradictory future and a toolkit for thinking about it. It’s a whole hour, but it’s an hour very, very well spent.” (Cory Doctorow)

Also worth a read: On Glass & Mud: A Critique of (Bad) Corporate Design Fiction by Noah Raford.

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die hässliche telekom familie ist viel schlimmer!!



aber ich meine solange es wenigstens nervt bleibt es im gedächtnis und wahrscheinlich alles nur wieder total durchdachtes marketing.

außer trivago die is einfach nur scheiße

Rekordot dönt a Magyar Telekom!!!

28 perce várok arra, hogy felvegye az ügyintéző a telefont!!! Elképesztően izgalmas, remélem megütjük az egyórás világrekordot, a telefonomat már töltőre dugtam, nehogy lemaradjak a világsikerről. 

Húsz perc után egyébként fölvette egy maca, és azt mondta, “hogy akkor kapcsolja az illetékest.” Azután - ugye - hogy a nyomógombok segítségével már közöltem az automatájukkal, hogy mit szeretnék (számlainformációt), tehát elméletileg becéloztam az illetékest.

30:23 most

Slovak Telekom launches BlackBerry Passport, HTC One M8s

Slovak Telekom launches BlackBerry Passport, HTC One M8s

Slovak Telekom launches BlackBerry Passport, HTC One M8s

Slovak Telekom has added the BlackBerry Passport and HTC One M8s to its portfolio, as well as the two Samsung flagships Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Depending on the Happy tariff chosen, the BlackBerry Passport costs EUR 49 or EUR 99 as an initial …
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