telegram boys

bring him home

a/n - this is set during ww1, so it’s a bit different from anything i’ve written before. 

calum hood & y/n
word count - 4044
rating - nc-17
warnings - sexual content, language

They said it would be over by Christmas, that they would barely be gone before they were back home again.

How wrong they had been.

Instead you had spent years waiting for the telegram to arrive, it was the first thought that would cross your mind when you woke up in the morning; what if today was the day? What if today it was your turn? Every time the telegram boy didn’t stop at your house you couldn’t help but feel relief wash over you; even though you knew that meant that some other poor family would be getting the news that you so desperately dreaded.

The not knowing was the worst part – not knowing if he was being sent over the top, not knowing if he was safe, not knowing if you would ever see him again.

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Demeter & Persephone helping in the fields with the Women’s Land Army, sleeves rolled up and head scarves bold.

Haides laying a hand on a young lad’s shoulder. “Fighting’s done now, son.”

Athene ushering children down into shelters while the siren yowls, scanning the skies between barrage balloons.

Ares among the Infantry Divisions, dirt and mud under their fingernails and sweaty palms gripping an Enfield.

Hestia at home making diamonds on the windows pains with tape. Making dress patterns on old curtains from memory.

Hermes zipping along with the telegram messenger boys bearing bad tidings. All the wives shiver when they see them.

Aphrodite using a dab of beetroot juice for lipstain with the girls, hiding that hole in their stockings but more than ready for the dance hall.

Nike in the streets among the throng on VE-Day. Victory waves a blue, red and white.