CRTC says big telecoms must share high-speed networks with competitors
Ruling affects access to fibre optic cables owned by top telecoms

Canada’s big telecom companies will be required to open their highest-speed internet cables to smaller competitors who want to offer broadband services to consumers, according to a CRTC ruling released today.

That means that big telecom and cable providers, who are already required to share their copper and coaxial cables with smaller competitors such as Primus, Distributel or TekSavvy, will now have to do the same with their fibre optic cables.

The smaller competitor companies currently own about 10 per cent of the Canadian home internet market, with the other 90 per cent controlled by big phone and cable companies.

The CRTC decision is a major loss for big companies like Bell and Telus, which argue that they would have no incentive to invest in laying new fibre optic cables if they are forced to allow rival companies to profit from them.

But the ruling also contains some solace for the big providers. The CRTC said it will allow the big telecoms to charge fees for sharing their cables in order to make a profit on their investments. The pricing model will be worked out with each company on the basis of actual cost, plus a markup of about 30 per cent.

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The SS Great Eastern and the amazing story of the transatlantic telegraph cable
150 years ago this week, the SS Great Eastern set sail with a mission to revolutionise Anglo-American communications. Just over a year later, the world would be a much smaller place.

Imagine if it took days to get a message somewhere rather than minutes or even seconds? That was the way of the world back in the 1800s - that is until a steamship helped revolutionize communications. It was 150 years ago this month that the SS Great Eastern set out on a mission to establish the first successful transatlantic telegraph cable to connect America and Europe.

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