telecommunications tower

Before my TV died, the news reported: 12 dead in different cities of Pakistan, more than 100 injured brought to hospitals in Peshawar, massive land sliding in northern regions, telecommunication towers damaged in most northern areas so no way to contact people there. Collapsed buildings reported from all over Pakistan. Injuries reported in Chitral, Charsaddah, Sargodha and other areas. Please pray for the safety of everyone.

Considering the global attention paid to the Islamic State, you would not guess that Boko Haram is actually the world’s deadliest terrorist organization, according to the Global Terrorism Index. While the Islamic State operates in an oil-rich region and directly threatens the West, Boko Haram’s brutality remains largely confined to remote, sparsely populated parts of Nigeria. The group has reinforced this isolation by attacking telecommunications towers.
  • Aries: Fireworks on New Year’s Eve, heavy woollen knitwear, red sky at night and orange sunsets, hot metal, warm noodle soup, firm handshakes, lights in the passenger saloons on the train, the smell of burning wax, bruised knuckles, walls covered in graffiti, volcanic eruptions, fresh paint, martial arts, the nick of pages against your thumb as you flick through a book.
  • Taurus: Pollen in the air, old, twisting staircases, brass instruments, cracks in the earth, old houses covered in wisteria, gears & cogs, cosy living rooms with crackling fires, an old song you remember from your childhood but could never remember the title of, icebergs, pumpkins on the doorstep on Halloween, moss growing over bracken.
  • Gemini: Glittering jewellery in the jewellers shop window, fresh sheets on the bed, an enthralling documentary, tornados, sneaking into the cinema, conversations heard through walls, the first time on an aeroplane, tangled wires, extravagant desserts, telecommunication towers, gardens with fountains, brand new shoes, migrating birds, long Skype conversations.
  • Cancer: Long walks down the pier, baby’s hair, footprints in the sand being washed away by the tide, old fashioned seashell trinket boxes, overcast skies, hilarious comments made out of the blue, coming home to the smell of cooking, heavy books full of esoteric knowledge, long walks with friends, coral reefs, sticks and rocks thrown off bridges into rivers, a hand clasped tightly in yours.
  • Leo: Bonfires, family albums, waking up on your birthday, shopping trips, purring cats, protective mothers, movie marathons, panoramic views, rollercoasters, lighted vanities, warm summer nights, the excitement of a new episode of your favourite show, conversations late at night in the kitchen, torn jeans, skipping stones over water.
  • Virgo: Harvest moon, studying in the library, fresh cut grass, playing on swings late at night and drunk, 24 hour stores, candyfloss/cotton candy, gig posters plastered on walls, phone boxes in the middle of nowhere, the sound of trains in the distance, pressing gum onto the underside of school desks, crickets in the night at summer, talking in the dark at sleepovers.
  • Libra: Gossip written on bathroom walls, hourglasses, messy notebooks, tyre swings, passing notes in class, deep conversations about your past with friends, fairy lights, paper cranes, aeroplane smoke streaks in the sky, hot air balloons, rosebushes, abandoned, overgrown farm machinery by the roadside, fireflies, letting friends copy your homework.
  • Scorpio: Constellations, black plumage, silent movies, hospital waiting rooms, sleeping in your car, quiet graveyards, silhouettes, deep pools of water, secret societies, cities lit up at night, old sepia photographs, cookie-cutter sharks, cloaks, black clouds before the storm, venomous animals, heavy black boots, butterfly knives, studded belts.
  • Sagittarius: Ferris wheels, lanterns on a string, shooting stars, skydives, nomads, see-through elevators, winding roads, friendship bracelets, the dawn chorus, spicy food, hazy blue skies, clouds around mountain peaks, casinos and arcades, lollipops that make your tongue turn blue, hot springs, cherry blossom, cacti and succulents, dynamite.
  • Capricorn: Cobbled streets, second hand shops/thrift stores, hollowed-out oak trees, book store coffee shops, mushrooms, moths, sunlight through blinds, crystal caves, dark, mysterious forests, owl calls at night, cracking joints, geometric design, animal skulls found in fields, stalactites and stalagmites, rocking-horses, marble statues, dinosaur fossils.
  • Aquarius: Hypnosis, weather balloons, cool techno music, metallic texture, the pyramids, morse code, mazes, neon signs, black holes, ‘fashionably late’, robots, Salvador Dali paintings, political protests, elaborate cocktails, satellites, ancient castle ruins, conspiracy theories, freshwater springs, rooftop parties.
  • Pisces: Tie dyed shirts, aquariums, grunge music, underwater volcanoes, bioluminescent deep sea creatures, hookahs, sand dunes, manta rays, witches’ covens, pub crawls, ambient sounds, celestial white noise, psychedelic art, boats on the horizon, storms at sea, lava lamps, natural hallucinogens, seaweed tangling around your limbs.