I will call this one “Apollo” because of its God like golden TONE! Semi hollow body mixed with vintage 64 reissue pickups and a sweet old maple neck makes this beauty soar..super buttery mid tones with just the right bite on top. Brass saddles, all nitro finish and cool big F tuners are all part of this 1969 Thinline Relic…another Rory’s Relics, making them like they used be-killer!


The #Supergirl guitar is finally finished


2 piece swamp ash body, 1 piece maple neck, stainless steel frets, 7.25″ freatboard radius, TV Jones Classic Plus brdige pickup, Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack neck pickup, Hipshot bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 3 way toggle switch, 50s wiring, Kluson Deluxe tuner.

The SUPERGIRL inlays on the fretboard are aluminum, The inlays on the back are aluminum, copper and brass. The symbol is also made of copper and brass and the ‘belt’ of brass.