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Sofar Sounds Brooklyn


We headed out last night with only an email on my mobile, an address, Jodie’s phone number and a camera. We showed up a bit early so we waited outside for a few minutes until we were confident we wouldn’t be the first ones in. I recognized some attendees outside, chatted and got reacquainted. We finally made our way in with a group of about ten others who led the way. 

As we entered the apartment we were greeted by the lovely Jodie with big hugs and introductions. Jarrett’s apartment was all a buzz with musicians, strangers, friends photographers and videographers. We made our way up front to get a good spot and met up with friends. Before we knew it the apartment was packed, standing room only!

So, what were we preparing for? A dinner party? A meeting? Nope, a secret concert!

Jarrett had opened his home to friends and strangers to come share a night of music and discovering new artists. No lineup is announced ahead of time, so your job is to show up with an open mind, sit back, and take in all the talent.

Pamela Martinez of Teletextile, Linfinity, Happy People and Yourselves each played a short set to the quietest, most attentive crowd I’ve ever seen. It was an amazing night of new music and new friends. In a time where most people seem to go to concerts to text, hang at the bar and generally ignore the bands they paid to see, Sofar Sounds has created an atmosphere of respect and genuine passion for the music.

Sofar is now in so many cities around the world, so join the mailing list at and follow them on twitter @Sofarsounds