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I’ve posted photos of this gem before…but here are some better ones! Shot by my lovely friend Ian Glass. We had a great ol’ time photographing all of my woodburned guitars at once. This is my personal Fender telecaster (a tele deluxe?). Done with woodburning and a touch of acrylogouache paint.  The lyrics wrapping around the side are from the song “Youth” by Daughter, which I find very very inspiring. Thanks for looking guys :) 

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There were a few great deals this week at the Long & McQuade store in Brampton, Ontario (near Toronto, Canada):

1) Pretty Gretsches all in a row

2) Lovely used Rickenbacker 620 for $1,300 CAD ($1050 US)

3) New American Vintage ‘59 Stratocaster in Sherwood Green.

4) New thinline American Deluxe Telecaster.

5) Used Gretsch for only $1500 CAD!


1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Black

Even after Leo Fender left his namesake company, they continued innovating and experimenting. The single-coil sound may be what Fenders are most known for but by the 1970’s, the brawnier, beefier humbucker sound was everywhere. To develop their first humbucker they brought in Mr P.A.F. himself, Seth Lover. These pickups are the heart of the Tele Deluxe, which also featured individual volume and tone controls for each pickup. They offer more output than any previous Fender pickup, and more clarity than what Gibson was offering. As Fender has always been a company that kept a mindful eye on the bottom line they were always looking for ways to simplify construction. For the Deluxe, they used the same neck as their Stratocaster with the larger “CBS” headstock, bullet truss rod, three bolt neck and rounded neck heel. This made managing their on-hand inventory easier. Custom colors were available for order but most can be found in Walnut Brown, Blonde, White, Natural, and Black. As with a lot of Fender’s in the 70s they tend to be on the heavier side, but this very vibey black one is super light and only 7.4 lbs!

This guitar is currently available for purchase at Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago. We ship world-wide. Please contact our store directly at 773-878-8616, or email at for more info.


I popped into a local shop to pick up a few items today and ran straight into three interesting things:

1) Hey!  It’s a lefty American Vintage ‘64 Telecaster!  Lefties are rare to begin with, and when you DO see them out there, they are usually regular, everyday *blah* guitars…like MIM “Standard” Fenders and Les Paul Studios.  Don’t get me wrong, these are fine guitars…but if I was a lefty I would also want to run across the occasional “Deluxe”, “VOS”, or “Relic” lefty too!  Something exciting and expensive…and DIFFERENT!

3) Check out the interesting new finish on this brand new American Deluxe Strat.  Nice!

5) And another new Fender finish on a new “Deluxe”.   When I think that CBS, in the 1970s, cut so many of the “custom colors” out of the line as a cost saving measure, it warms the cockles** of my heart to see Fender getting so creative with the multitude of new production or FSR finishes.

That’s just great…nothing like hot cockles.  Thanks a lot Fender!  :D

** stick with this clip to the end…it will explain everything ;)


some goodies seen whilst at our regular “Thursday Night Guitar Shopping” trip, at the Long and McQuade store in Brampton, near Toronto, Canada:

  1. Lovely Sonic Blue American Standard Telecaster.  Note the “binding” on the neck which isn’t actually binding, but a channel cut into which the rosewood fretboard is inserted, leaving a rim of maple around the fretboard.  Clever!
  2. Holy!
  3. Used 2013 SG “Original”.  I think it was $1,350.  New it would have been around $1700 - $1800.  I think.  :D
  4. Left: Gibson USA (i.e. NOT Custom Shop) all gold ES-335.  Middle:  BB King “Lucille”.  Right: Cherry ES-355.
  5. I want so badly to like Gretsch.  This was intersting until I picked it up and found it weighed somewhere between 9 and 40,000 pounds!  But seriosly, It was definitely over 9 lbs…which I think is ridiculous in a semi hollow!
  6. I LOVE this this style of American Deluxe Tele, but I was sure it had been discontinued.  This one was new…so maybe they aren’t discontinued??   

More from guitar shopping this week in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:

  1. Lovely used left Les Paul Custom
  2. Custom Shop early 50s Telecaster Relic
  3. It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye! :D
  4. Beautiful CS-356
  5. There’s that Les Paul Custom again…can you spot the modifications.
  6. Used airline - only $279!
  7. Last of the Deluxe Teles.  They will never come again.
  8. Gretsch colours are the best.
  9. Inexpensive used Airline.

Last night we arrived in Buffalo, NY to sleep at a friends house before our show in Toronto tonight. We got here around 1:30AM and woke up around 10:30AM and found our van door locks punched out and the trailer lock cut. They took 3 pedal boards with over $2000 in pedals in them, a Fender Starcaster, a Fender P-Bass, a Fender Deluxe Tele, a custom Moniker bass, a chinese Gibson Les Paul, an SJC 12" Rack Tom, and a P900 Iron Cobra pedal. They also took Andrew’s customer built Telecaster and my (Swindle’s) first guitar ever, an acoustic that’s been with us on every tour. This is a huge loss for us and with everything great thing that’s happening for us this puts us a huge standstill. We’re accepting donations through our PayPal for anyone who wants to help out. We don’t want to ask for donations but this is everything we’ve worked hard for and everything that makes this band possible gone. Thank you guys.

Our PayPal is

-Have Mercy