tel me to stop


Does anyone remember how CY comforted a crying BH during TEL?

Tell me if it isn’t the most heart stopping.

First, he looks up at BH as if to tease him. “Are you really crying, Baek?”

Then when he sees that BH was actually crying he calmly rubbed the back of his head, ruffling his hair for moments on end, after which his hand falls to BH’s shoulders. And then he soothes him again by rubbing his back which looks like such a familiar and effortless routine to me.

His intentions went from teasing to a totally understanding reaction which just speaks to me. Even if you compare him to the other members, his gestures was as if he did that to BH before and knew how to comfort him. Especially the rubbing nape thing.

CY even almost seemed solemn and serious at the end of it before he went back to place.

Forever one of my favorite moments.