tekkit chronicle

So… apparently Rythian used to play the ocarina :3

In my mind, after carrying Zoey to Sick Bay, Rythian would have stayed by her side (apart from creating the truce with Lalna), until the doctors kicked him out. Unable to calm his worry about Zoey, and missing her music, he carves himself a simple ocarina and starts to play; probably something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIe9f1jl_2c

blackrock: adventure #29

Rythian: You exploded the entire world! You killed me, you killed Zoey, you destroyed my house, my tower-

Sjin: It wasn’t me! It was [Duncan’s] fault! It wasn’t me! It- it w- it was his- I was, I was just trying to get along. I’m a nice guy, Rythian. I’m a good guy.


I was drawing role reversal when I came up with a really cool AU!!!
Instead of waiting for Zoey to come back hone, Rythian attempts to disarm the nuke himself. Zoey arrives home just in time to watch Blackrock castle explode, destroying the castle and claiming Rythian’s life. Devastated, Zoey rebuilds Blackrock and delves deeper into magic, vowing to continue Rythian’s quest to destroy Duncan and Sjin with Teep at her side.

T'was just supposed to be a quick doodle, suddenly inspiration struck and I wanted to play around with lighting… So then this happened.

the yogscast fandom isn't dead

Yes, we are less active than years before. Yes, people have left the fandom. Yes, there are reasons to leave.

However, we are not dead. A dead fandom means no fandom or a severely small amount of members - the fandom has not dissipated entirely. When I go into the yogscast tag, I see a lot of new posts. Today, there were about 15 new art posts and 15 new humorous/reaction posts in the Yogscast tag. That is not a dead fandom.

Of course the fandom isn’t going to be bustling and drawing in new fandom members every second! I admit it is considerably less than say, 4 years ago! But it’s not 4 years ago. If we are being honest, the Yogscast has always thrived off of plot-driven Minecraft content - like Shadow of Israphel. Now, we’re not getting SOI back anytime soon, but we have had other great Minecraft series in the past as well that drew the fandom in, like Tekkit, MoonQuest, Hole Diggers, Cornerstone, etc.

Now, Flux Buddies and Captive Minecraft on the main channel are the only plot-driven Minecraft series that are supporting the fandom. (excluding Druidz Downtown and To The Core, which are not plot-driven) (if I have excluded any current plot-driven Minecraft series, sorry). These are the ones that get the most fanart and the most attention from tumblr because they are current.

However, that is not to say that the Yogs’ non-Minecraft, non-plot driven content isn’t good - traditionally, this is just what brought specifically tumblr fans into the fandom.
(I’m definitely not saying that this is the only valid content that they make or whatever - just that it tends to be guaranteed attention from the tumblr fandom) Some other successful series holding the fandom together now are High Rollers and Hatfilms’ content (which I don’t watch but see a lot of in the tags).

Yes, the fandom is dwindling, but the yogsfandom on tumblr has always had our dry patches when there is a lack of plot-driven Minecraft content. For example, when Tekkit and Blackrock Chronicles had ended and Feed the World was all that was going on - many fans left the fandom because they felt that the Yogscast would never do any more content in the likeness of Tekkit. However, in MoonQuest, they did just that.

The Yogscast have been trucking along since around 2009 and they started gaining a fandom centered around their plot-driven content around 2010. It’s been about 6 years and it’s been a wild ride, and I personally don’t think it will stop anytime soon. Of course, I could be wrong, but it seems like there has always been this sort of thing when there’s less content to swarm around and a lot of other reasons to leave where the fandom drops a little, then comes back later.

So be patient. Don’t put the toe tag on the Yogscast fandom yet. We’ll probably rebuild with new fans coming in and new series being made. Let’s see where this takes us, and even if it does die, we’ve had a lot of fun on the way.