tekkit chronicle

So… apparently Rythian used to play the ocarina :3

In my mind, after carrying Zoey to Sick Bay, Rythian would have stayed by her side (apart from creating the truce with Lalna), until the doctors kicked him out. Unable to calm his worry about Zoey, and missing her music, he carves himself a simple ocarina and starts to play; probably something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIe9f1jl_2c

Blackrock Chronicle Animated Trailer

It’s done! I’ve completed an anime-style trailer for The Yogscast Rythian’s Blackrock Chronicle! (AKA: Tekkit). It’s over on my ZaCloud Animations channel. Includes footage of the Tekkit War which destroyed the “Old World.”

Enjoy the fruits of about a month of labor.


blackrock: adventure #29

Rythian: You exploded the entire world! You killed me, you killed Zoey, you destroyed my house, my tower-

Sjin: It wasn’t me! It was [Duncan’s] fault! It wasn’t me! It- it w- it was his- I was, I was just trying to get along. I’m a nice guy, Rythian. I’m a good guy.


Quirks 2

There were bad nights and good nights. On the good nights Rythian would sleep soundly next to Zoey, smiling softly as she curled up next to him and reveling in the shared warmth under their blankets. Everything would be peaceful and quiet, just the winds gusting over the dunes and the occasional shuffling movement of the animals in their pens. Zoey would be fast asleep in the safety of Rythian’s arms, her red hair spread out around her like a fan. On bad nights Rythian would be awake and pacing softly around the camp, his purple eyes flicking here and there to catch any threat real or imagined. He would be tired the next day, and would occasionally snap at Tee or Zoey, only to be contrite the moment after. Zoey would wake to find the bed empty, and would sometimes go in search of him to fix whatever was going on.

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T'was just supposed to be a quick doodle, suddenly inspiration struck and I wanted to play around with lighting… So then this happened.

I’m a firm believer that Rythian isn’t under a curse or affliction that he acquired at some point in his life. I think that if that was the case, he wouldn’t hide it, but use himself as a warning to those who might do the same. It’s my theory that he was born like this or something similar, and this is just who he is; and that’s why he’s so ashamed and never makes any effort to fix himself or stop others. It wasn’t his fault, but he hates himself for it, and of course the Endermen for making him this way.
Of course, no-one can be sure until more Blackrock comes out. 

Also Zoey doesn’t even care.