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I’m craving a Kazuya smut! A nice, maybe gentle/little rough smut? Hmm. Something sensual I think since he’s always angry and upset. HMMM.

Maybe the OC can calm him down when he comes home after one of his many battles with his father. Hum. I SHOULD DO THIS. I might have to write that tonight!

Tekken 7 smut, KPOP edition??

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I highly considered writing a short Oneshot for one of the characters I fancy in Tekken 7, but wasn’t sure how my subs would feel about it..

What do you guys think of the idea??

It’d be a little smut most likely, with fluff!!


The character I had in mind for it is Sergei Dragunov!

If you guys don’t like the idea, then can you maybe give me an idea as to which KPOP male you think could easily fit the personality of:



*Caring for his loved ones

*Handsome and strong features


I was thinking maybe VIXX’s Leo, or BTS Jimin, or maybe someone else?? Idk! XD

I’ll add a pictures of Sergei so you guys can see how he looks if you don’t already know!

 Feedback will be GREATLY appreciated! ❤

Attention Tekken Fans!

So, as you may already know, I have a Wattpad account. Although the only real stories on there are Naruto related, I do have the drafts for some of the Tekken shorts that I’ve been working on. It is a self-insert story, so I am indeed in it, but here is your chance to add yourself, or give ideas for one-shots (not reader X character, or character X character, I don’t really write those things) where you can pick the scenario of what happens.

You can comment or reblog your ideas, and don’t feel limited to just one! Give as many ideas for what you think should happen! If you wish to add yourself, or an OC, give a description of the person and tell me what happens in the short!

Shortly after I post this, I’ll start posting other things from the shorts and see if you guys like them!

Also, if you do wish to give an idea, tell me of you want it in story format (“Hello” she said.), or Chat format (Character: Hello.)!


Dragunov Oneshot: Go Ask Your Father

Just an idea I had!


“Go ask your father.” She states boldly to her 9 year old daughter.

She could clearly see the haze of fear that washed over her young one at the thought of having any type of conversation with her father.

“A-ask daddy…?” The child asks her mother, just to be sure she heard her right.

The mother stops her attempt at making dinner peacefully, to pay full attention to her fearful child.

“Sweetheart…Your father isn’t that bad. I know he can be scary sometimes but he loves you. And he’s always ready to hear whatever it is you need to say or ask. Don’t be afraid of him.”

The mother attempts to soothe her daughter’s fear, and further back up her words by putting a gentle hand on the young ones shoulder, squeezing lightly for mental support. She knew talking to Dragunov was a scary task for such a young child, but a bond needs to be formed, sooner rather than later.

“Okay mommy…”

“If Daddy doesn’t listen come back and tell me. I’ll make him listen.” The mother glistened proudly at her daughter before gently pushing her towards the kitchen entrance.

The child walked a slow and shaky pace towards her father’s office where he always was. Upon approaching the oversized door she grips her blue dress tightly, raising it slightly higher than her knees.

She raises a shaky hand and ever so lightly taps on the door hoping with all her might her father doesn’t answer so she can run comfortably back to her mother’s warm embrace.

“Come in.”

Her father’s booming, yet stable voice sounds from the other side of the door. The young one grips the cold handle of the door and turns, pushing the heavy door open with force. She pushes the door open as far as it can go, just in case she needs a speedy getaway.

Dragunov intertwines his fingers and places both elbows on the table to give full undivided attention to his little guest.

“M-mommy…said to ask…Can I..uhm.. h-have a.. Lollipop..?” The little girls heart pounds wildly against her small chest, unsure of what her father will say or do.

He’s never hit, or yelled, or hurt her, but his stare alone could kill 20 men.

He sits back and finally turns his gaze from hers, unto his desk drawer. He opens it and reaches in slowly, pulling out to reveal a light pink lollipop. The young girls eyes widen with desire, and a giant smile places itself on her face.

Dragunov stands up from behind his desk and walks slowly over his daughter. Her smile fades as she stares up at her father towering way above her.

He kneels down, still a bit taller than her but more comfortably and holds the lollipop in front of him for his daughters taking. He flashes a quick but sweet half smile which in turn his daughter fills the office with laughter as she takes the candy.

Dragunov stands up and pats the young ones head gently. With a new found bravery, his daughter quickly grabs hold of his large hand and starts pulling him.

“Let’s go show Mommy! Pink is her favorite color too!”

Dragunov allows himself to pulled down the hall by this little bundle of joy he’s happy to call his daughter.











(えっ、このナリで『すんませーん、最寄りの地下鉄口までオネシャス』て笑顔で言うのか?言うのか?できるかよ、あいつじゃあるまいし! おい、ちょっと待てってこら、ババア!)




























6のシナリオキャンペーンや映画Blood Vengeance等に準拠するならば、想像以上に人付き合いは至って普通にもしくはむしろ手広くしていたらしい。宇宙一のオッサンからBA〇I顔の中国拳法の達人からあろうことか世界規模でも人気最下位だという相撲取りまで。(えっなにそれ俺聞いてない!)
































































Posts an actual story because @dragunsqueen made me feel good on the inside. XD

If it wasn’t for Bob, I wouldn’t be in this situation. Granted, it was a good situation, if you considered the good we were doing, yet it was all thanks to meh boi, Bob.


A very harsh rain had overcome the sky, taking over and drenching me from head to toe. It wasn’t smart to be this far from home without an umbrella, or a jacket at least; yet I had no idea this would happen! I thought I could trust the weather forecast!
I stumbled through the streets, easily getting lost in the busy labyrinth of a city. Everywhere you looked, buildings with bright lights and the incessant number of refugees inside had taken over. Not very many people were on the streets (at least THEY had common sense), and the ones that were had some sort of protection against this merciless rain.
“Yo’, girl!” A man’s voice shouted from an ally, catching my attention. “Can you please help me? I need your help with something.” His voice didn’t sound very urgent, but I felt obliged to help.
“Yeah,” I started, carefully walking to the shadowed man, “what is it?”
Big mistake.
It was a trap.
“Heh, glad we can rely on you.”
Before I knew it, I was surrounded by gang members. There was no where to run. I was in a predicament.
“You have a wallet on you, girl?” One asked. He had tattoos everywhere, and a huge scar running across his face from his eye to his ear, making him look more intimidating than he was.
“What’s it to ‘ya?”
A harsh shove was administered, sending me staggering backwards into the arms of another punk. He restrained my arms, and due to my smaller legs, there wasn’t much I could do with them.
Why is this happening to me?
“Let me ask you one more time; do you have a wallet on you?”
Beat me down if you like, but I’m not going down without a fight.
So I spit on him.
Blinded by rage (and my saliva), the punk growled audibly and drew his fist back. “YOU LITTLE BI—–”
A thud was heard several feet away, and a voice distracted everyone: “Not on my watch!”
“Look at this fatso. You think you can play hero?”
“Maybe if he ran like his mouth he’d be in good shape.”
“Who does he think he is to stop us?”
In no time at all, the figure who had called out before beat the shit out of every gang member in sight. When I was released, he grinned and gave me a thumbs up. “Are you hurt?”
“No,” I blushed slightly out of embarrassment from having to be saved, “thank you for saving me.” I politely bowed and tried to hide my face as I thought about all that happened. Me? Saved? This is ridiculous!
“No problem!”
A sudden shriek robbed the both of us from our thoughts, and the man before me turned away. He looked back at me once before waving, leaving me alone once more.
“Wait! At least tell me who you are!”

** ** **

It was late at night. The stars were shining beautifully and the moon was illuminating the world as we know it. I made my way towards Bob’s house, carrying a grocery bag of leftovers that I had made, knowing how much he liked my potato soup. I stopped in front of his place, knocking lightly on his door. This must have triggered some sort of reaction within the home, as a thud was heard inside, followed by cursing. After several moments of patiently waiting on the front porch, the door creaked open ever so slightly before being swung open.
“F-Faith! What are you doing here?!”
I raised the bag up in front of his face as an indicator. “I brought my potato soup!”
“Is now a bad time…..?”
He hesitated before answering, thinking of an answer. “No……. Come on in……” He sidestepped out of the way, allowing me entrance into his home. “Why did you choose tonight of all nights………?”
“Okay……..” I went straight for the kitchen, setting the bag down on the table. I took the bowl out of said bag, and opened the lid, only to look up and see that Bob was gone. “Bob…….?”
No answer.
Curiosity got the best of me, so I started roaming the house for a sign of my missing friend. “Bob?” My voice rang out in the dimly lit hallway, echoing off of the walls and sending uneasiness my way. “Robert, please answer me…….”
Still, nothing.
I reached his bedroom door and saw that the door was cracked open ever so slightly, allowing a small stream of light to leak out into the hallway. It was the only light that had been provided for me, so I reached out and grabbed the handle frantically, swinging the door open.
The room was empty; the window was open and the curtains blew gently in the breeze making them look alive; the room was ransacked, as if someone was hastily searching for something, and a shadowed figure was making its way towards the window.
“Crap, I forgot…………” The figure’s foot entered the house, and slowly the person was granted entrance. Once they saw me, they stopped in their place and stared long and hard.
“……………..my mask……….”
“Bob?! It was YOU?!?!”
“I uh……. No! What’re you talking about?!”
“It was you who saved me!”
“I don’t know what you mean…….!”
“That costume!!”
“……..This is…….Cosplay!”
He frantically looked around the room, finally stopping when he saw the dresser beside me. He was staring intently at something on it, and when I turned to catch a glimpse, I saw it for myself.
His mask.
I snatched it before he could take a step forward and inspected it for myself. It was the same mask that was on his face when he saved me! There’s no doubt about it!
“Why won’t you just admit it? You saved my life! There’s no need to be ashamed!”
“I-I’m not ashamed!” He grabbed the mask from my hands with care and refused to make eye contact with me. “You know my identity now! You could…….. You could tell everyone!”
“Why the hell would I do that?”
He stumped himself, and he seemed to be searching for his lost words. Eventually, he realized that it was a lost cause and gave in.
“You have to promise not to tell anyone. And I mean ANYONE. Alright?”
Bob took his mask and placed it on himself, making his way back over to his window. He began to step out of the window and leave, but just before he got away:
“We should work together sometime.”
He hesitated for a moment as he let the idea sink in, and when he thought it through, he let out a chuckle.
“I’ll consider it.”

** ** **

There was currently a gang that had been causing trouble in the area, and Bob and I had decided to check it out. He was in his yellow costume, and I followed close behind in my own. Mine was a more feminine version, with a skirt instead of pants, and the front of the jacket was a little more unzipped ((fucking cleavage XD)) just because I wanted it. Although Bob’s costume is yellow with streaks of black, mine was the exact opposite: black with yellow streaks.
We fought off the gang members, punching and kicking every bad guy in sight. I wasn’t paying much attention to the fight, as the thought of a catchphrase really worked me up and distracted me.
Soon, the gang members were defeated and left to learn their place. Already, there was another call for help. Two, in fact, and both of which were in separate directions for this one.
“If you want a catchphrase,” Bob started as he went to go left, “you need to think of something from the heart! Something catchy!” He began to dash off, leaving me behind. “I’m sure you’ll find something!”
Like hell I will….

** ** **

I managed to save a girl from being shot in the face, and Bob had helped a man who was trapped in a fountain (don’t ask). We met up once more to complete what was hopefully the last crime.
Here we go!
My catchphrase!
I drew in a breath, landing beside Bob, ready to show him what I came up with.

Posts this one because it’s shorter and more relateable. XD

New Feelings

(Okay. Here’s a little warning. This is my first attempt at any form of romance. This was requested by @dragunsqueen!)

It was another day for Sergei as he sat in his office. There wasn’t anything in particular for him to do; all was peaceful now that the Mishima line had decided to get their acts together (one can only dream). Now, all that was left for him were quiet and peaceful days. That is, until some new issue was to be brought to his attention.

Sergei was currently doing nothing of significance as he sat behind his desk, currently contemplating what to do next. He didn’t have to be here anymore. There was nothing for him to do.

So he left.

He began his walk home from his office, passing many people on the street. Some were chatting, some were spending time with their families, and others were walking their dogs. There wasn’t much out of the ordinary.

Until he got home.

He had been greeted with something rather unusual; that is, unusual for his street to put it simply. Someone had finally decided to move into the place across from him, which was normally unheard of. With the rumors that had surrounded the place, it’s something that no one expected.

Which kind of annoyed him.

He tried to push the thought from his mind as he fished for his keys from his pockets. When he found what he was searching for, he inserted the key into the lock and turned, only to look over his shoulder at the slamming of a car door. He tried to find the subject of the slamming with a scowl, and soon succeeded once he saw her.

She was absolutely stunning; with her light brown skin that went perfectly with her shoulder length black hair and bangs, her dark brown eyes that were full of emotion; they held a certain power to them, yet they also held playful mischief. Her outfit seemed to perfectly compliment her curves, which only made it more difficult for Sergei to look away.

She was absolutely beautiful.

He couldn’t help but stare at her as she moved things from her vehicle, watching as she grabbed a bag or two from the trunk. It wasn’t until too late that he realized she had caught him looking.

Oh dear.

She didn’t seem to notice that he had been staring like she was the last woman on Earth as she waved at him in a friendly manor.

Sergei.exe has broken down.

He was too busy staring into her eyes to notice what was happening, but once he saw them looking at him in confusion, he blinked several times and gave a small wave back as he finally turned and opened his door, stepping inside and slamming the door behind him.

What just happened?

His heart was leaping out of his chest as he leaned his back against the door. He clutched his chest in confusion, and attempted to calm his breathing, but to no avail. His face grew hot at the thought of her, but he wasn’t sure if that was the cause of it. Was he sick? Perhaps that was the case.

It must have been nothing.

** ** **

By the next morning, Sergei had completely forgotten of the events from the day before. He didn’t think much of the ‘new girl’, and he continued to go about his daily ritual unaffected. After getting dressed and ready for the day ahead, he prepped his breakfast by putting some oats on the stove and putting some toast in the toaster.

Ding dong!

An eyebrow was raised in confusion at the resonating sound that emanated from his doorway. He wasn’t sure how to handle this. No one ever visited him. Who could it be?

He decided to go and investigate as he abandoned his breakfast and opened the door to reveal the one person he was incapable of facing properly.

His new neighbor.

He could feel his heartbeat once more as it raced faster than it had the day before. His face heated up as he looked down at her, curious as to why she had shown up. He remained calm in front of her though, raising an eyebrow questioningly as he waited for some form of answer.

“Hi! I’m your new neighbor, Mina!” She seemed unfazed by the small choking sound that Sergei had made as she continued. “I didn’t get to greet you yesterday, since I was getting everything moved in, but I thought that now would be as good a time as any!”

Sergei could only watch her speak. The way her lips moved as she spoke was mesmerizing to him. Was she real? He wasn’t thinking properly, and he subconsciously stepped to the side and indicated for her to come in.

“Oh?” She tilted her head curiously as she made sure that he was indeed allowing her inside. “Thank you! It is sorta chilly out here.” She stepped inside and seemed not to notice that his eyes hadn’t left her figure once. She looked around the place, and Sergei was perfectly fine just standing there and looking with her.

That is, until he remembered breakfast.

Once he remembered the food, he began to move towards the kitchen, his large footsteps were echoing in the room, but it couldn’t fully mask the smaller padding of Mina’s steps. When he reached the kitchen, he saw that everything was as he left it, which made him nervous as he had nothing to keep him busy.

“It’s a nice place that you have here.”

Just as he went to turn and face her, his toaster shot up, making him jump. He looked at it for a moment before he realized that he didn’t actually know what to do, so he simply removed the toast and handed Mina a slice. She took it, much to her surprise, and blinked in confusion as to what she was supposed to do with it. When she didn’t get a ‘give me that’, she held it up and asked, “do you…… have any butter? Or jelly?”

Sergei looked down at the slice of toast in her hand as he realized ‘Oh YeAh, PeOpLe PuT tHiNgS oN tOaSt’. He indicated the fridge rather than getting anything out for her, so he was left to watch as she got out the butter (which was all he really had). He got lost in thought as he watched her, and nearly jumped once more once he realized she was speaking to him.

“Umm……? Hello….? Are you alright?”

He quickly nodded in response.

“I just asked if you noticed that the stove is kinda on fire?”

He looked over at the stove to see that the stove was indeed on fire. He frantically scrambled to get some salt, and nearly poured all of it just to put it out. He heard Mina chuckle behind him, which only made him all the more nervous about what had happened. A sigh parted from his damaged lips as he leaned against the stove, hoping that he hadn’t made a fool of himself.

“Well, that was certainly quite the show. Does this happen everyday?” There was a small pause as she let out a giggle to his annoyed reaction. “I may have to come over more often.”

He may have melted.

“Thank you for the toast, by the way.” She smiled up at him gratefully, which killed Sergei on the inside. “Unfortunately, I have several things to unpack, so this is where I leave—”

“—Would you like me to help you?”

She paused at this; this was the first time she had heard him speak since their encounter, and she wasn’t entirely sure on how she was to take it. She smiled at him, which made his heart flutter for the hundredth time, and she nodded in confirmation at his request.

“I’d like that.”

He wasn’t all too sure as to what he was feeling, and he wasn’t all too sure as to how he was supposed to handle it, but all he knew was that it was okay. And as he helped her unpack her things into her new home, he knew that he was ready to greet these new feelings with open arms.



green-fletcher  asked:

Dude (Bob), what is the most difficult to cope: with constant weight on the body (and other problems of excess weight) or the constant judgement of strangers (again because of weight)?

Bob: I’d say the biggest issue was other people and their judging. Don’t get me wrong; I tend to ignore all of their insults and things, but I’d say that it’s more of an issue than myself. I love the way I look, and some stranger with an opinion isn’t going to change that. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

anonymous asked:

Who is the best meme maker of the fighters? Who usually becomes a meme?

Best Meme Makers:

*Not Me



*Lei (a lot of them aren’t even funny, but they make HIM laugh)

Who Usually Becomes A Meme:


*Paul (he had it comin’)

*Jin (don’t let him find out though)

*Heihachi (you know; the BEST dad)

anonymous asked:

Heihachi how did you get Kuma? Like, how did you meet?


Heihachi should have felt some sort of guilt or remorse once he had tossed his child over the side of the precipice, but he was incapable of feeling anything but relief. The devil gene was more likely than not eradicated, his father had been properly disposed of and his company had successfully fallen straight into Heihachi’s greedy hands, and now? Now he didn’t really have much to worry about.

It was a quiet month; after his son had been engulfed with the darkness of death, he didn’t have to help with Kazuya’s training, and finally his time was his own. He spent most of his time training for himself, or maybe even plotting ways to make the world his. Once more, it was a silent world for him now. He was alone. The one thing he felt that he needed.

After prepping himself for another day of dead air, he began to work on what he normally did. There was the occasional worker that would run in and out of his office, but he paid them no mind. It wasn’t until he left later that evening and was inches from laying his head down to rest.

Knock knock.

It wasn’t a normal knocking sound from someone’s knuckles beating politely on his door, it was the sound of forceful bashing on his patio door (c'mon; it’s a story. He has a patio) from something inhuman. Heihachi was already done with the day; he was easily frustrated and he had no patience for any form of improper conflict. When he arose from his bedding to go and see what was at the door, he hadn’t quite prepped himself for what was to happen.

A bear. A baby bear.

He was staring at the small creature through the glass door, pondering how he was to cope with the situation at hand. It was a BEAR. Not a cat or dog. A baby BEAR.

As soon as he reached his hand to open the door to go out and investigate, the bear didn’t waste a second as it dashed into his home.

“What the hell?! Get out! I dont–!” His words did nothing as the bear slid across his floor like a doof, sliding this way and that as it tried to manage itself on the hardwood floors. It was going crazy; it didn’t stop to take a breather for a second, and Heihachi was nearly brought to a heart attack from trying to chase after him in a frenzy. “Fuck! Get..! Damn it…! Kuma get back here!”

It was a simple nickname, but the bear seemed to respond to it oddly enough. It stopped running almost immediately and halted at his feet as it stared up at Heihachi with childlike curiosity. It let out a feeble roar, or, whatever you would prefer to consider it, and plopped down onto its bottom.

“You don’t…. You don’t have a place to go home to or somethin’? Like a….. a mother or father? No home at all?”

The bear shook his head in a no sort of way, only confirming Heihachi’s suspicions. He didn’t know what he was to do with it; it was a BEAR that needed to be taken care of, and he couldn’t simply run it off (perhaps not out of guilt, but more of a ‘it now knows where I live’ type of way). It needed a home! It needed care to grow big and strong.

It needed him.

Thinking of how his company was rightfully his, yet the people who wished to oppose him helped him in concluding his decision. He could use a bear as a bodyguard. Enough said.

“Alright.. Uhh…. Kuma. I have extra bedding in the back. I guess you can stay a while.”

I have no idea what it is, but I’m proud if it in a way. XD