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The layers of miscommunication between the Mishima’s is so damn frustrating. It’s sparked an endless tirade of vengeance that goes on in circles and it’s really heartbreaking because I’m certain if Heihachi had explained to Kazuya exactly the reasons for his mother’s death, why he had to kill her– that it wasn’t in cold blood; he’d be much less inclined to destroy everything.

And if Heihachi had simply tried to be a good father, give his child a chance to instill goodness in his heart, maybe he’d have ended up like Jin. With his issues but not fully consumed by the devil in his blood. Maybe he’d have a not so strenuous relationship with his son. Heihachi just did what he​ thought he had to (And don’t mind me, I’m still crying over the old man’s death T~T) That end had me SHOOK.

To ensure the safety of others so another devil wouldn’t terrorize anyone as Kazumi had done to him. In a sadly ironic twist of fate, he survives and does just that. It’s hard to say if things would have happened the same way if Kazuya had never taken that fall from the cliff. Indeed, it all leads back.

Kazuya feels so vindicated in his motives if only because Heihachi took everything from him to make him suffer in his eyes. That his mother, Kazumi, was the only person who ever cared about him and now she’s gone. That it’s a eat or be eaten kind of world where violence is the answer and only the strongest survive. Heihachi taught him that the day he was thrown away.

Now, he’s so caught up and in too deep that trying to change or start over now would be too difficult. It’s too late for him. All of this has to mean something. He has to see it through. For his mother’s sake, he’s would end Heihachi. The rest of the world can go to hell for all he cares– and you can see this in the cutscene where it is revealed to Kazuya that Kazumi wanted him dead.

He shurgs it off with uproarious and mocking laughter of course but, not before he quietly ponders the thought with sadness in his eyes, lament showing through on his face. Could his mother truly think so lowly of him…? No, he has to believe that someone is on his side. Surely, his own mother wouldn’t also betray him. All the destruction and chaos… It can’t be for nothing. Otherwise, it might utterly break him.

Kazuya was abandoned, made to feel unwanted. His very existence an abomination and “curse” needing to be snuffed out. He wants to prove to the world, to Heihachi, and especially himself that he is not only good enough but, better. That it’s you who should grovel at my feet. He never wants to be that powerless again.

Kazuya can be overly egotistical but, perhaps it’s compensation– a substitution. A coping mechanism in that he needs to be defiantly confident when no one else will be proud of him. I’m not attempting to make excuses or justifications for his actions, it’s just that Tekken 7 has brought a lot to light, showing no one is 100% responsible. It’s far more convoluted.

The “devil” isn’t spiked wings, red skin and laser beams. It was the evil that was allowed to foster in the absence of love inside the heart of an innocent boy. From that void then grew rage and hatred, and the painful events leading up till now have fed those demons.

Tl;dr love your angery son and don’t throw him from cliffsides

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About the TTT2U illustrations...

I’ve read so many comments around, and any kind of rant about this or that illustration.
Maybe i shouldn’t say a word since i am one of those that point out the fact that Junny’s artwork for Hwoarang have some proportion problems.
But now seems that for every illustration comes out there must be someone that complains: Jun is too naked, Leo has a strange mouth, ecc ecc.
Seriously guys… if you have so many rant, why don’t you try to draw those illustrations by yourself? Since seems that you are so good at it…

Really, stop it. If you don’t like a particular artist that’s ok, but complain about everything that comes out for the silliest reasons… it’s just tiresome to read. At least they are paid for drawing in the way they like.