A Bench Made from Grass & A Chair Made from Rags

The Garden Bench, designed by Jurgen Bey, of Droog Design from the Netherlands, takes plant waste and uses high-pressure extrusion containers to make benches out of dried grass, leaves and wood pruning.  They are completely compostable when they are done being used. Another chair from Droog Design, made by Tejo Remy is the Rag Chair.  Made of rags and pieces of cloth over a wood frame and held together by steel ties.  (Fuad-Luke, 2002) 

Fuad-Luke, A. (2002). Ecodesign: The sourcebook. San Francisco: Chronicle Books Llc.

Tejo Remy, designer. Droog Design. I saw this piece at a Design history exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh in September 2010. I also saw another version of this chest of drawers in the MoMA (NYC) in June this past summer, 2011. Beautiful object.

Here is the information about it:

You Can’t Lay Down Your Memories, designed 1991 (maple, recycled drawers, and jute strap)

This “bundled” chest of drawers has no fixed form. “The recycled and mismatched drawers are interchangeable and can be combined or removed at will.” Cool, right?!

A tidbit about Droog Design: Design collaborative/cooperative created as a reaction to extravagant and unnecessary objects created in the 1980s. “Droog advocated low-tech, recycled materials, while protesting against the increasing consumerism of modern society.”