Bro Month 17: Teisel Bonne

I’ve shared my love for Tron Bonne plenty of times, but never for Teisel, even though I like him just as much!

Something about not just Teisel, but the Bonne family in general is how they really care for each other. It’s so common to see bad guys groups where they constantly betray each other, that it really warms my heart when they don’t. The scene in Legends 1 where Teisel is talking to himself, worried about how Tron and Bon are doing on their own is absolutely adorable. They’re villains yeah, but not without standards =P

Teisel is also the only character in my biased opinion where I actually like the american voice actor more than the original japanese one. Tesshou Genda does a great job, but Rob Smith is just so insane and over the top, I can’t help but love it (I think Shigeru Chiba could’ve been a great equivalent, but I digress XD).

Hope you enjoy it! o/

I still remember when Megaman Legends came out. I had won Babbages’ little contest for a Megaman figure. I knew it was going to be different and that didn’t bother me at all. It was a new world with new characters to get to know. The game was also the Blue Bomber’s first foray into 3D if memory serves me correctly. I really had no idea what to expect form it. After a few very short moments I met the game’s antagonists. An eager band of sky pirates who used their mechanical knowledge to further their fortune seeking. I speak of course about The Bonnes!

I used to have a save file for each of their boss encounters or even just cut scenes with them, that’s how much I loved them! I’m lumping them together only because I don’t think I could pick one boss fight to focus on, they were all so much fun and memorable. The awesome sky battle between Megaman’s dinky little airship versus the The Bonne’s flying fortress, the Gesellschaft. The final showdown between them and Megaman with the towering behemoth Bruno. I just couldn’t do it.

The Bonne’s were made up of three main members and a horde of servant robots, incidentally called Servbots. Teisel was the oldest of the group of siblings and the leader. Though coming off as very strict and a bit of a brute, it becomes clear Teisel can be very forgiving and kind of soft… But only when it comes to the other members. Tron is the middle child and a genius at robotics. Her main function is to create, and care for all of the robots and machines they use. She is also the creator of all forty Servbots. Bon, is the youngest and appears to still be only a baby. Of course that is to say a baby with it’s own mecha-armor! In appearance, Bon is a large yellow humanoid machine.

Once again, I was drawn to just how lively this bunch of misfits were. I played the game purely to see more of them. Of course I enjoyed the other parts of the game but there was something about the Bonnes and their view on the world that I admired. I looked forward to each and every encounter and was astounded when they received their own spin-off game. The Bonnes are definitely one of my favorite video game bosses ever!


I went to MAGFest this weekend and I got to see none other than MR. KEIJI INAFUNE “INAFKING” HIMSELF!!!! ✨✨✨✨I know I was super awkward and I shaked and trembled the whole time that he signed my stuff but I STILL AM SO GLAD I GOT TO MEET HIM!!!!! It was seriously a dream come true. I drew and water colored these two pictures for him and I still feel like they were not worthy to give to the king himself, but I just hope that he liked them!! Seriously hoping that he can go to magfest again next year!💖

So. I just lost 2 straight games with cheeeya, xSerendipity, samuraib3ar (his comp was lagging), and Mocushie.

And then some guys left, so I decided to go Jarvan, and Teisel (KompressedTime) went Renek.

Faceroll’d them hard. 

My +40 W/L WTF. It’s now +39……..sigh. Can’t go over +40 whyyy?!?!!

Oh and this is my first game of Jarvan after failing with him after so many times lol.

I must of KS’d with my Ult so many times hahahaah

COMMANDO JARVAN WINS. Hey. Now that I mention it, this was the first time using the skin hahaha