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Omg, it might sound crazy, but may you please draw an art nouveau god teir Rose LaLonde? Thanks if you can! Your art is awesome! Your welcome to ask to see some of mine. :3

ohh ive never drawn art nouveau before! heres a rose :^)

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Ok, re: the hockey boycott, I wanna explain some of the key points to you soccer fans who may not know the full importance of this. I know it may not be a sport you follow, but it’s a step for all of women’s sports

  • Like in soccer, Team USA is one of the dominant NTs in woho, a very top-teir NT. Obviously any NT standing up for what they deserve is a big deal, but havng a “big” team like this strike really sends echos through the hockey world and the sports world in general.
  • Worlds is one of the major hockey tourneys, so boycotting this is a massive statement. Theyre not boycotting some small, less importnat tournament.
  • The US is hosting Worlds this year. We’re boycotting a tourney that our own country is hosting. Which makes this boycott harder to ignore and really helps things hit home (and also dude it’s just hella gutsy)
  • The team isn’t even striking for equal pay, they just want living wages. Like enough-money-to-eat type wages.
    • The players get paid $1000 a month during the Olympic period, which lasts 6 months–i.e., $6k every 4 years
    • Outside of the Olympic months they get paid basically nothing and many players have second jobs as a means to survive

Positivity post for boys who can’t tie their shoes! ✨

I know how hard it is to do the loopdy-loop, and trying to fumble around with the laces is super tiring. You are valid for getting tired and just giving up. You don’t need to mess with them for 30 minutes just to get it wrong and have them unlace and trip over them and smash your face in and bust up your nose on the sidewalk, or tie them so tight that you can’t untie them and end up having to cut the laces and buy a new pair in humiliation at the Macy’s wifth your mom, who told you a billion times over to just learn how to do them.

It’s okay if you don’t know how to tie your sohoes. YOu can get along in life without know hing how to tie your rshoes, and you don’t have to feel bad abot it ! There are plenty of people who don’t know how to tie teir shoes…. here’s a list of celebri- well, a-…. I… There’s plenty of people for sure that… . I mean……… It’s okay . You..  You don’t have to know how to t-tie your shoes, I mean…. It’s fine… I don’t know how to t- tie my ssshoes either, and it’s - …

This has been done a million times but here are my takes on the dancestor chathandles because I’m a loser and this was kinda fun.

Damara Megido: abunaiAieki (AA)

Abunai: Japense for Dangerous, describing her personality.
Aieki: Sexual fluids/genital secretions, refrencing her sexual allusions.

Rufioh Nitram: astrayTease (AT)

Astray: Lost, referencing the lost weeaboos.
Tease: A type of flirting, references his personality.

Mituna Captor: twofoldAmbivalence (TA)

Twofold: References the two motif and gemini.
Ambivalence: having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas, referencing his incident.

Kankri Vantas: crusadingGarrulity (CG)

Crusading: References social activiscim and christianity as he is the pre-scrarch Signless.
Garrulity: Talkitive, references his rants.

Meulin Lejion: anacusicCordiform (AC)

Anacusic: Deaf, references her loss of hearing.
Cordiform: Heart-shaped, referencing her aspect.

Porrim Maryam: genetrixActivism (GA)

Genetrix: A mother or female ancestor, references the Dolorosa.
Activism: A reference to her feminist views.

Latula Pyrope: glarlyChicanery (GC)

Gnarly: 90’s skater lingo, skatergirl personality.
Chicanery: Trickery tp achieve a legal purpose, references Redglare.

Aranea Serket: araneusGuarish (AG)

Araneus: Genus of common orb-weaving spiders.
Guarish: To heal or cure, references her God Teir.

Horuss Zahhak: toxophiliteColt (TC)

Toxophilite: A lover of archery, a reference to Sagittarius.
Colt: A young male horse.

Kurloz Makara: Theopathiccoulrophobia (TC)

Theopathic: Relegious devotion, reference to his devotion to Lord English
Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns and the scource of his name.

Cronus Ampora: cismarineActor (CA)

Cismarine: On the side of the sea.
Actor: A word for show-off in the 1950’s, to reference his cocky greaser personality

Meenah Peixes: causticCondescension (CC)

Caustic: Sarcastic in a bitter way, as a reference to her punk personality.
Condescension: A reference to her personality as well as Her Imperious Condecention.

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A- Age: 21
B- Biggest fear: throwing up
C- Current time: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
D- Drink you last had: water!!!
E- Everyday starts with: a tummy ache
F- Favourite song: Teir Abhaile Riu by Celtic Woman *O*
G- Ghosts, are they real: yes :’(
H- Hometown: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I- In love with: myself
J- Jealous of: nobody I’m perfect
K- Killed someone: ??? no???
L- Last time you cried: two days ago when I watched the Peanuts Movie
M- Middle name: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
N- Number of siblings: 2
O- One wish: never ever get sick again!!!
P- Person you last called/texted: my mom…asked her where the bundt pan was…
Q- Questions you’re always asked:  “so how’s work??” - every relative I meet even if they’re not mine
R- Reasons to smile: I’m great
S- Song last sang: I’m singing along to Skid Row right now haha
T- Time you woke up: 8 something
U- Underwear colour: pink what else
V- Vacation destination: Scotland….
W- Worst habit: picking dead skin off my lips -_-
X- X-rays you’ve had: teeth & my foot once
Y- Your favourite food: cheesecake brownies
Z- Zodiac sign: Libra

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Companions reacting to a qunari inquisitor speaking qunlat? I know that, that's not how it works in-game, but a girl can dream :-( - Also super good luck to this blog, super excited for future posts ❤️❤️

Cassandra: She’s more or less unfazed by it. In her mind there is no difference between the Inquisitor speaking Qunlat and An Orlesian Inquisitor who spoke Orlesian. It’s their language and their culture. If they only spoke Qunlat that would be a problem, but as long as it doesn’t hamper communication she is unbothered by it.

Solas: Everytime he hears the language he grits his teeth. The mage loathes all things Qunari, after all, but so long as the Inquisitor was not a follower of the Qun he would get past it.

Varric: More or less ignores it, or maybe impresses the Inquisitor by answering back once or twice with short phrases in the same language. Observant by nature Varric picked up a few things during Kirkwall’s time with the Qunari but takes a similar view to Cassandra.

Sera: It gives her the willies at first, words that she doesn’t understand, but eventually she will learn to roll with it. If in a relationship with a female Inquisitor she may even learn a few of the phrases that her honeytongue murmers to her. Maybe

Vivienne: Everytime the Inquisitor speaks their mother language the Grand Enchanter pinches the bridge of her nose and tries not to despair. Every phrase is accompanied by a warning to stick with common among the nobility and influential. It’s not that she begrudges them their language, but others will—and she wants them to be both safe and powerful.

Blackwall: He’s not a man who judges others for their languages, and Maker knows its better than Orlesian. As long as they don’t go spouting out about the Qun he honestly doesn’t much care.

Dorian: In his most honest moments the mage can admit that ingrained Tevene sensibilities have him shuddering everytime he hears the language, if only from the horror stories he’s heard about raids. But if in a friendship or relationship with the Inquisitor he learns to tolerate it, and eventually his scholarly curiousity will probably have him asking them to teach him.

Iron Bull: At first it’s a curiousity, something that the Ben-Hassrath were slightly nervous about. If they can speak Qunlat they may be able to read it, and that could jeopardize some of the privacy of Iron Bull’s reports. It doesn’t bother him much though, and he will probably just file it away. But if the chargers are not sacrificed during Demands of the Qun it becomes a tie to his homeland. To everything he ever was, everything he’s lost. After that there will be days when he will seek out the Inquisitor just to speak in teir shared language, to keep the homesickness and shame of being Tal-Vashoth at bay.

Cole: “Words, different from the rest, words that mean mother and father and safety and home. Different from the belief but not from the people. Drawing, pulling, the memories without the hurt.” Cole doesn’t care what they speak as long as they don’t hurt people, and if they are lonely he speaks to them in that same language without a single formal lesson.

Dorado, we are defense. We have this DVA who seems to be showing someone the mechs of the game (“See every choke point has at least one way to flank around it”). Howcute.jpg. We start and I realize this DVA thinks theyre a sniper.

They’re roosting in Widow spots on top of buildings and leaving the team in the dust on the payload. They’re running behind 5 of the enemy to chase a single person down (it was the Soldier, never the healer). I had to solo track down and destroy the shield generator after I had said in VC 3x where it was and no one followed up (it was in the Dorado church which the payload was right next to so it’s not like it was in bumfuck nowhere).

Game ends and the God Teir Junkrat and I get cards. No one else does. And what does this roosting, useless, shy DVA say on VC? “I would have voted for Mercy but she didn’t do enough.” 12k healing *and* 10 emils *and* the fact I solo held the payload 4 times while she was 2 stories above me doing 2 damage per 20 bullets and watching me die tells me I did really fucking well.

Like I don’t expect you to fall on your knees praising me but insulting me dude???? You could have just said “you did great Junkrat” and left it at that. They did do great, I voted for them.

The entire team was so done with this DVA that we had to ask them repeatedly to get NEAR the payload. All the while they kept calling other people on the enemy team weak???

I’m just tired. I wanna be able to play Mercy on OVW for more than an hour before I have to quit the game because someone expects every boo to be healed when I’m one Mercy and there’s 5 dying children I’m watching over.