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Destiny Year Two

[These are keypoints I jotted down while watching the Twitch Stream Reveal]

Character screen

  • Light level will be your character level when you launch TTK
  • Grimoire score displayed underneath Level
  • Subclasses have new graphics
  • Level up by simply getting experience
  • Level cap is 40
  • Light Level is your average of your attack and defense of armor.
  • Discipline, Strength, Intelligence now have tier ranks and display how long your cooldowns will be; measured in seconds
  • Helmet no longer seen during inspection. (I assume this is optional)

Quest tab

  • Can hold 16 bounties
  • NEW bounties in TTK
  • You can choose which bounties to track, up to 4
  • Completing bounties in the bounty menu
  • Can hold up to 32 quests
  • New subclasses will be obtained through quest; exclusively for respected class
  • Crucible will have weekly bounties
  • If you complete the weekly crucible bounties it will give rewards that are NIGHTFALL TEIR
  • Crucible quartermaster will have his own set of bounties as well


  • Spark of Light. It will be obtained by buying a copy of The Taken King. Boosts a low level character to 25 with appropriate gear. Obtained via postmaster
  • Legendary Marks still seems to be capped at 200
  • Class Items will have perks that benefit the player
  • Vanguard and Crucible marks being replaced with Legendary marks. 
  • Legendary marks are universal to characters like Glimmer
  • No weekly cap on earning marks
  • Old marks will turn into commendations that turn into reputation
  • You can dismantle a legendary armor you will get legendary marks.
  • Class specific armor materials will be a universal material


  • Can switch your weapon displayed in the tower.
  • Speaker’s inventory updated to match the level 40 cap. He sells Rare-level Ghosts

Ghosts shells

  • Specialized in perks that are beneficial for collecting resources
  • Legendary Ghosts have more perks than rare. Still collection/glimmer based perks


  • Kiosks that list emblems, shaders you have found and tells you how to find ones you have not found.


  • When you approach a vendor, you can pledge allegiance to that faction.
  • Rep gained through vanguard and crucible
  • Material exchange
  • Can turn in materials and weapons to gain rep
  • Can change allegience once a week
  • Weapons will be faction based as well. (example: New Moncarchy will have a Suros brand auto rifle)
  • Faction packages have improved, guaranteed a legendary
  • Higher chance to get the emblems and shaders
  • Once a shader has been obtained, it will be dropped from getting it and put in your collection


  • Have more options in perks geared towards defense

Exotic Blueprints

  • Kiosk found in the hall of guardians
  • Record of found exotics
  • Seperate collections for armor and weapons
  • Costs an Exotic Shard and glimmer to re-acquire an Exotic
  • Account based. All characters can access this collection and its contents
  • Upgraded some exotics for Level 40
  • Costs 125 legendary marks to upgrade
  • Exotic perk will already be unlocked as a passive perk




  • Field Test Weapons. Free.
  • When you test weapons and complete the test, you earn rep with gunsmith
  • Foundry Orders. Resets weekly
  • Armsday every Wednesday
  • Legedary weapons obtained from Armsday will have random perks.


  • Consume a weapon to make another weapon more powerful


  • DOUBLED VAULT SPACE. 72 spaces for armor and weapons