Everlark Advent - Day 4, Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services

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Eight years of high school and collegiate wrestling, six years of coaching middle school wrestlers, hundreds of pickup football games and baseball games, thousands of hours of one-on-one basketball with Rye on our parents uneven driveway, and how do I destroy my knee? Slipping on the ice as I got out of my car right in front of my own home.

Angry doesn’t even cover it. I’m livid. In addition to the injury, I’m now two weeks into what will essentially be an eight week post-op sentence of house arrest. Why? Because my crusty old alcoholic landlord won’t pay for snow and ice removal services. So I’m all but trapped by the crust of heavy snow that plasters the walkway to my apartment. 

This place had seemed like a slice of perfection when I signed the lease six months ago. Ground floor of a charming old Victorian house that’d been converted into four apartments. Right on the river. Nice kitchen. Huge windows and great light. Sure, the lawn was perpetually overrun with dandelions, but the owner has an old hippie look about him, so I assumed he was anti-pesticides.

Nope. Turns out Haymitch is just too drunk to give a crap. And what was a minor annoyance in the summer and fall became a matter of life or limb in winter.

My limb, and my now surgically repaired ACL.

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