teichiku is back to being the cheapskate that they were

are k8 just gonna say goodbye to everyone on teichiku? like, is kuwa-chan not gonna be on subaraji anymore? kuwa-chan gets emails from listeners! and, idk, music directors, sound engineers, recording people, etc etc etc, are k8 gonna have to work with an entirely new group of people or is this “infinity records” gonna pull some people from teichiku? even the graphic designers are all great, are they not gonna have those anymore either? ok designers are probably outsourced anyway, but i love the cd and dvd designs of the past 3-4 years. like 8est daruma, juke box font and jukebox, the 3D printing, ExE design…. :(

if Kanjani-ism turns out sooooo different it’s gonna be so weird and jarring. if is a good change that would be great. if every track turned out like your wurlitzer than all my agitation today was a complete waste.

places that are shown on bonus dvd, like where they divided up the teams for juke box competition, 8sai batsu game meetings, those are all actually inside teichiku building right? gonna miss those…..XD