teia smith

Emily's StarKid Adventures in Chicago Part 2!

This all happened like over a week ago now but I’ve been working everyday since I got back from Chicago!! These are my StarKid experiences from the 5th and 6th of July! Also this is long but hey! I’m amazed I remembered it all XD

We got somewhat of a lie in on the Saturday as our awesome friend Carissa, who we met through StarKid was driving down from Wisconsin with her parents to meet us!! We met out or hotel around 10ish and headed to Dunkin’ Donuts as Ellie, my mum and I were going to be doing the backstage tour at 11am. When it was time, we headed to theatre. Now at Stage 773, unless it’s like the evenings, the doors are normally locked and there’s a buzzer (we found that out on Thursday) so I was just pressing the buzzer and then Nick Lang appeared and was like ‘guys did you even try the doors? This one is open!’ So I felt foolish!!

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