tei art

New OC! I don’t have a name for her yet (please give me suggestions T w T) but her nickname is Tei, so that’s probably in there. She’s one of the next red paladins, and she’s half Galra half Altean, which i realized, halfway into the drawing, doesn’t make sense unless she’s either Allura or Corans daughter, so lets just pretend there’s a small group of Alteans who survived somewhere and came out of hiding when Voltron came back :)

sketchy things but ive… been playing mystic messenger.. and because i keep running out of hourglasses i get impatient so i decided to play nameless and in order: guy i wanted to romance before i played, guy i didnt want to romance before i played, guy i wanted to romance as i played, in the end i loved them all… but lance, yuri and tei are special in my kokoro

More lazytown highschool au! The rest of the kids!  Ziggy works at a bakery run by miss Busybody, Pixel is captain of the robotics team and works part-time as a self-employed tech support informant, Trixie is on a roller derby team and has a crush on Stingy, Stingy works on and collects vintage cars