tehrin's wardrobe


My current wardrobe: JSKS/OPS.

Eternal Rose Boquet and Sugar Hearts arriving soon!  I’ve acquired a lot of green and mint lately. o_o

I decided pink looks terrible on me. So no more pink pieces otherwise I’ll be a walking tomato face.

This is also how they are (or will be) arranged in my closet because I’m OCD when it comes to colors. XD


Widdled down my AP wishlist.

1. Chess Chocolate Jabot in Mint (or Ivory, 10 image max)
2. Honey Cake OP or Round jsk in Ivory or Mint

3. Fantastic Dolly high waist JSK in Lavender or Yellow.
4. Merry Making Party JSK or OP in any color but pink and yellow (skintone clash lol. I’m pretty sure the OP would fit me fine now)
5. Jewelry Jelly in Lavender or Mint (Or I’ll take sax again). I really miss this print and I’m kinda sad that I no longer have it. I’d still like to loose a little more first though.

My heart heels arrived! They’re adorable and comfortable! A friend wanted to buy a pair of boots, so I jumped on getting these and ordered with her to split the cost of shipping. I ordered some shoes with my local comm and they ended up being too small, so I’ll be putting those up for sale soon, which is a bummer because they’re all so adorable!


The first of my Day Dream Carnival packages rolled in on Saturday! I wanted to wait until everything arrived before I deboxed, but I was too excited!

Here’s an artsy fartsy shooped photo collage of all the cute. True color is a very soft blue/voilet lavender.

The bonnet is love love love love! I’m going to try it on properly tomorrow with a nice wig, but didn’t look bad on my head like my other bonnet does. I’m really glad I got the jewelry too. Chokers usually don’t suit me (but I haven’t worn them since losing weight anyway) but this is super cute! PEGASAI!  The Twinkle Carnival socks are perfect and are a good match to a few other things in my wardrobe too. Glad I was able to get them.

Now if AP International will just ship my JSK, bracelet and the other ring I bought! >w<

Sheep Garden OP in pink! I bought this from Lolitadesu since they were having a sale on AP items. I was given a replica of this to use for my panels, and since I’ve had an obsession with non-alpaca barnyard animals lately (goats and sheep) I figured I’d like having this in my wardrobe. Plus, I really miss having strawberry themes!  The lighter pink color looks nicer on my skin too rather than the bright saturated pinks I’ve tried in the past.