tehflah art


Whoops, I sorta phased out of existence for a bit longer than intended. I needed a break a few weeks ago so I stepped away from tumblr and dA for a bit.

I kept drawing a bit though! I did take the week of Valentine’s totally off because I was exhausted all week. I think I was fighting off illness or something. It felt like I was either at work or in my bed the whole week.

In any case, I’ve been holding out on posting any Joybaps because I’m still working on her design, but on the other hand I’ve got all these drawings laying around. These are posted fairly in order of drawn. I moved away from the yellow/pink because I realized I was doing THAT YELLOWQUIET THING where I try to draw Fluttershy but not. :V But I dunno, maybe it’s different enough. I’m open to critique, comments or ideas as her design is still fairly liquid.

I have a bit more to post so I’ll smash that in the next one on its own.

Yesterday’s NATG Prompt: Draw a Pony Modeling / Draw a Model Citizen.

Smol horse dancer.


(One of the same fillies from the previous pic. They need names. I thought about naming this one after a ballet move but they’re french obviously. And I don’t know a lick of french, nor do I really know how to integrate it since the show has barely skirted it. Would probably feel out of place. Feel free to suggest names for either of them! The blue one too! I don’t even know what her deal is yet!)

Oh ya here’s that oops I mentioned in the tags of Lockersnaps’ art art <3

Somehow I slipped up and didn’t put this one in the bunch. It was drawn just after the first two in the set from the other night.

Also, I was going to do a little year recap thingy post-birthday and Blogversary combined but it’s been an eventful weekend and I’m beat haha! Thank you all for the birthday wishes and beautiful arts! <3

I’ll handle said post tomorrow when my thoughts are a bit more coherent!