What I’m reading: Webcomics

Here is a working list of webcomics I’m currently reading. If you happen to know a series that you think I would enjoy based on what I have linked here, do suggest it to me! I’d love to add more to my list! :) <3 I’ve tagged the creators I could find in case you wanted to follow them! :D

I’ll update this list as I go along! :D

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Is boy sato the twin that always has their tongue sticking out and puts random objects/toys in their mouth? Drooly-poo seems pretty fitting. Master of the new secret waterbending technique: droolbending!

*flicking though the sato album* Looks like they both have their fair share of tongue poking and random object in their mouth :P Girl Sato tries to chew Baby T’soni’ crest in one tehe~

Boy Sato probably know some droolbending, particularly when he grows up XD


A little bum bum for your enjoyment. Tehe!

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heyooo me again just saw that your requests for matchups are closed so if there is no problem any kind of headcanon about oikawa/kageyama/kuroo/akaashi/bokuto (ANY of them hehe) where they go for a trip (ur choice ;3) with their girlfriend/ s/o idk but if u could do my matchup i would be truly happy and if u can't do any of them than that's fine as well just by u reading it makes me happy ^v^ (btw I'm the 5'2 brown hair & eyes girl tehee) thankss

i did your matchup because i felt so bad about you waiting so long!! did everyone because why not


  • takes the most picture and selfies to post of him and his s/o on his social media just to show off, also spams his Snapchat with 1000 seconds worth of pictures and videos
  • would probably bring his s/o to the beach just to see them in a bikini, but imagINE IF THEY WENT WITH ALL THE CAPTAINS AND THEIR S/O
  • would definitely be the one to lose something during the trip, hair gel, comb but worst case scenario would be his phone, which he would panic about only to realize that it was in his pocket. 


  • His s/o would be the one to propose the trip and he would some time to agree with it.
  • Takes the best candids of his s/o and would go for camping or something more adventurous. 
  • would pack tons of milk tbh
  • would be embarrassed easily throughout the whole trip because it’ll only be him and his s/o, Snapchats would include sceneries with the time snap and some selfies that his s/o forced him to take. 


  • Snaps would mainly be about the journey of him and his s/o jamming out to songs in the car.
  • would go to Osaka for Universal Studio would Bokuto and his s/o and the two of them would lose their shits.
  • You know during roller coaster rides there would be this part where they take a picture of everyone?? Kuroo would pull off the ugliest faces and would print the photo and hang it up. 
  • Doesn’t take as many selfies as Oikawa but would choose the best one to post on his social media to commemorate the trip 


  • Goes to villages because he likes the peaceful environment and just mainly wants to get away from Bokuto. 
  • Post pictures of the meals their eating of his Snapchat, and likes going to hot springs and wears a kimono
  • During their journey, he would spot an owl cafe and would have a meal there with his s/o, and also sending tons of pictures to Bokuto. 


  • Brings his s/o to camp for music festivals, like Oikawa his Snap story would be pretty lengthy but would mainly be pictures of his s/o and also lots of videos of him raving. 
  • would be hyper before the day of the trip and would barely sleep.
  • Plays lots of games with his s/o in the car, would be something childish like ‘i spot with my little eyes’
  • eats the craziest food during the trip, if they serve cockroaches, you bet your ass he would eat it, even if he’s gonna end up hating it.