↳ Hi
↳ Min Yoonji has come
↳ girl crush
↳ what is everyone doing?
↳ shouldn’t on be in bed on a Sunday as expected
↳ have you eaten yet?
↳ my friends saw a photo of Yoonji and sent it to me asking “what is this”
↳ they were shocked
↳ ha…
↳ ha…
↳ I am living diligently like this guys
↳ everyone
↳ you will seriously like the song this time
↳ you can look forward to it

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & cosette

handwritten letters and postcards, painting onto skin, being dragged outside on sunny days, lying side by side at the top of a hill, moments of inspiration, soft humming and guitar lessons, old dungarees, meandering through art galleries, patience and encouragement, fighting off the numbness, noticing old scars, letting each other vent, cheap wine and picnic food, things you can’t tell anyone else. (requested by @a-maniac-and-a-queen


“Giving him a name”

This is the reason behind little Printy’s name. Ink wanted to give him a name that combined both of their qualitys! Again, a little name– tehe(?)

Blueberry thought of naming him InkBerry too

Ink!Sans- @comyet

Blueberry- His creator

Blueprint- Me