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do you like the yaoi?

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… Okay, that’s a bit of an overreaction, but let me wax poetic for a bit here: 

85% of Yaoi, as a genre, is just… so bad. Hell, let’s stray away from the ‘rape you until you love me’ tropes and just look at the writing of a lot of yaoi manga and anime. 

Fuck me sideways, Junjou Romantica, one of the most popular yaoi franchises of all time, makes me scream with 2/3 of what goes on plot and character-wise.

Loveless could have been GOOD if Ritsuka was just a few years OLDER!

Sukisho! More like ‘Suki – OH NO!’ 

But… But. There actually are some yaoi manga that, despite everything, I find myself enjoying. 

*deep breath* 

In These Words is an excellently crafted story that shows, full-well, how fucked up the ‘rape-you-until-you-love-me’ trope is and the two men in question actually act like real men!

Love Recipe unfortunately follows the ‘rape-you-until-you-love-me’ trope, but for some reason this is the manga that gets a pardon from me. Maybe because it fits into the whole ‘the writing world is harsh and you have to do some unsavory shit to get ahead sometimes’ air that the manga has amongst all of its comedy. 

Also, the female characters in this story aren’t just there to be insipid and annoying for the sake of furthering ‘teh gay smex’.

The two men Caged Slave actually act like men. I cannot believe that that is such a rarity in this field that I can celebrate a title based on it alone, but here we are.

Shy Intentions… is probably my favorite all-time entry in the yaoi field. The two men in question actually act like men, the story is beautiful, the art is great… 

Special Mentions: 

Clan of the Nakagamis - Fuck Volume 2, though.

So, yeah, these are the only glimmers in the miasma that is the Yaoi field, as far as I’m concerned.