teh rainbows

anonymous asked:

Hey Fluff, you said that the hangout was teh day after the rainbow shirt but BS 2.0 hadn't happened yet, and in the hangout Ben was angling for a denial from Louis, so then it makes sense that BS 2.0 was in response to Louis not giving that denial then? (Whenever I've heard about BS 2.0 the timing confused me, but this makes sense, management shutting down something that louis refused to do irl)

You’ve basically nailed it anon.

They really REALLY squeezed louis to address any lingering rumors, and when he didn’t suddenly his Twitter account felt the need to do so.

So i heard when capturing a unicorn you got to treat them kindly. By giving them hugs and making sure they are cared for. And if your kind enough your unicorn will love you back with with wonderful fics and encouragement.

Ps. like you peeps didn’t already know that @white-rainbowff was a unicorn.