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Feliz día del Mate!

Today we celebrate the most traditional of Argentina’s beverages: the Mate (pronounced mah-teh)! 

Fun fact: the mate was declared Argentina’s national infusion in 2010!

This infusion is made with dried leaves of yerba mate and hot water (just before the boling point). It’s very rich in caffeine, so it’s the go-to drink for students pulling all nighters while cramming for finals.

One of the particular stuff about it is that we don’t drink it like any other tea, we have special “tools” for it: the bombilla -a metal straw- and the mate -a sort of cup that is usually made out of the very funnily named porongo (calabash), but there are many different variants.

More fun facts:

-It’s usually drunk in groups. One person will pour the water and take care of it for the entire round. If you say “thank you” after receiving it that means you don’t want more, so be careful! Here, politeness doesn’t pay lol.

-You can also drink it cold, using juice instead of water. Then it’s called a Tereré.

-Mate is drunk not only in South America but also in Syria and Lebanon! The Druze immigrants adopted it here, and brough it back with them, making it a tradition of their own :D


Who has two thumbs and a beautiful, funny, awesome girlfriend?  This girl!

Tumbleroos!  I’m so happy!  I’ve been crushing hard on this girl for a while and we are so compatible I found myself totally falling in love with her.  The feeling must have been mutual because this week she asked me to be her girlfriend!

She is so supportive and loving and spending time in her arms is the happiest safest place ever. There is so much about her to love and to appreciate and I feel very lucky to be with her. <3

let’s play a game of
predict how many fics will be published exactly like the following:

title: his / Gray’s / the Answer
summary: After the battle, Gray finally gives his answer

the rumoured existence of a 'welcoming community' is white homonationalist propaganda

Invariably, whenever discussions about who does or does not belong in ~lgbt+~ spaces arises, someone will say, “these spaces are supposed to be welcoming, but then people have to deal with identity policing, erasure, horizontal aggression, etc.”

Of the many lies told by white homonationalists, I think this is one of the most deeply damaging. At least on personal basis. But… given how this plays out on a inter-community level, its also super harmful there too.

I always wonder: do these ppl talking about erasure and exclusion ever stop to think that, by and large, these spaces actually only welcome one (maybe two) kinds of people? First and foremost, these spaces are where white cis gays are welcome and build community. Depending on the spaces, some of them might be more focused on white cis lesbians. But even the spaces for white cis lesbians are fewer and harder to find.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about dance clubs, cafes, university groups, resource centres, ‘community’ centres, lobby groups, etc. All of these spaces are designed for and centre cis white gays. Sure there are some niche groups/spaces out there. But… they are significantly harder to find and are often contained within the white homonationalist infrastructure.

The reality is, is that most of the ~lgbt+~ spaces that currently exist were never intended to be inclusive. In actual fact, the existence of these spaces depends on a moment of historical violence and erasure that cis white gays continue to mythologize in order to maintain control over the spaces and the ~lgbt movement~ as a whole.

Unless you are a cis white gay, you should expect most (if not all) of the alleged ~lgbt+~ spaces to be actively hostile to you. Or violent. Or exclusionary. These spaces are predicated on violence, erasure, and exclusion. They exist and continue to exist because of these things.

We talk a lot about assimilation to heternormative and/or cisnormative society, but I hope people realizing that trying to assimilate into the white homonationalist 'umbrella’ isn’t really any better.

Beyond the personal, individual damage this pernicious myth causes, these seemingly never ending 'discussions’ about who does or does not belong in ~lgbt+~ spaces legitimize the authority of white homonationalists. We legitimize their lie that they represent the ~lgbt+ community~. That the resources and infrastructure they control is somehow 'for everyone’ and everyone is welcome.

It’s interesting the way that cishets hand out crumbs to pacify white homonationalists who then create a culture of artificial scarcity and zero sum politics to ensure they control the crumbs and the rest of us fight each other over the crumbs of crumbs.

As I’ve said before, its always super fun to watch a bunch of ppl try to join a space that is and was built on the back of trans women of colour. To see a bunch of ppl cram into that space and go, “gosh, I thought that this was supposed to be welcoming to everyone” but not noticing the bodies they climb over to get there.