teh ais

Happy sunday guys… Pkul 4.40am, lps 4 klu pncut, ni la yg bt mamat happy, mkn ice cream, n teh ais KT blakg tu… Hehehe… Mamat klu chill gaviscon wajib ada yer… Nnty mamat blanja korg pic or vdeo sket yer… Syg korg smua…. #muahhhcikedddd

Ideas went around awhile ago in the rhack tag about Rhys putting Jack into some harmless or useless common object. I can’t imagine anything more useless than an Idog, other than a Furby but someone did that.

Jack would absolutely blare shitty music at midnight to keep Rhys up and play really loud noises to startle him. He’d probably play shitty sound clips like dolphin laughs or air horns too what an ass.

I can’t write characters that well but I tried and I can’t believe that I spent real time on this. I messed up Rhys eye too it’s supposed to be the brown one whoops.