do you ever suddenly remember that john consciously made the decision to look Like That for his first trip to baker street after sherlock’s return, and then you die eight thousand deaths?

sherlock comes back so confident that he and john can pick up right where they left off–you know it is just possible that you won’t be welcome / no it isn’t–and you know it’s what he spent two years hoping for, and he just so badly fails to take into account how much his death fucked john up because he doesn’t understand the extent to which john loves him. he was willing to jump off a roof and disrupt his life for two whole years just for john, but he has no idea that john would have done the same if given the chance, and it’s just infuriating to see them still getting it wrong, to keep mistaking each other’s intentions, because all it would take is one single conversation, just five minutes of resisting the need to repress everything and actually say how much they care about each other and they’d both be so much happier, and just, GOD, you two, how do you fucking live like this????


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