tegomasu no uta

La La sakura
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  • Tanabata Matsuri

ら・ら・桜 遅くない ゼロから始まればいいさ

La La Sakura, it’s not too late, we can start again from zero

-Tegomasu. La La Sakura-

when I watched Tegomasu’s 1st live tour, “Tegomasu no Uta”, for the first time the summer before last.. this song was the most that made me happy and relieved.. for someone who thought she’d lost all chances.. to hear that it’s alright to start from scratch.. I’ve been holding onto those lines since then.. and believing that I can make it just because Tegomasu sang it so enthusiastically to us! I feel so grateful to those two boys. ♥ :)

Tegomasu; you’re now starting your 3rd tour at those moments.. even though I’m this far away, I’m happy and thrilled for you! hope you can enjoy Tegomasu no Mahou to the utmost.. and Good luck with it! :D