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I’m closer than you think.
You constantly recognize me.
But deep inside you think I’ve forgotten only about you.
I haven’t.
I know you.
And I never leave you.

If you think about it, you’ve felt it more than once.
- Felt my breath down your neck when you for a second lost your balance at the top of the stairs.
In the seconds you lost your grip on the wheel driving on the highway.
And in the cold relief, when you remembered to blow out the candles that was still burning on the first floor.

I count your seconds and I see how you use them.
I sit among you and hear what you think.
And you think so much.
And do so little.
And irritate yourself so often.

But not after you’ve stopped breathing. Never then.
Then you are all thinking the same thing.
And it makes so many of you heavy to bear.

”I hope they know how much I loved them.”

I’m so mysterious, you say.
You want to know why I come for you and where I will take you afterwards.
Well. I want to know this:

Why do you all wait until it’s too late?

—  Death (Nemi), by Lise

Hi guy’s! Here’s a new comic page.
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#art #illustration #drawing #draw #picture #artist #sketch #paper #pen #comic #artsy #instaart #originalcharacters #instagood #masterpiece #creative #instaartist #graphic #artoftheday
#萌え #漫画 #マンガ #お絵かき #tegneserie #moe #oc #originalcharacter #artistoninstagram
(at Elverum, Norway)

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Hellboy (and two of the Ghostbusters, and the little old lady from Poltergeist) showing up in a Norwegian comic strip called “M”, written and drawn by Mads Eriksen. He’s good at details and research. And his interests are quite nerdy, which is reflected in his strip. 

Source: [X]

(Rough) translation of Norwegian lines:

Mads: Hi there, this is Mads Eriksen calling…yeah, it’s me again, yeah. About our contents insurance…does it cover damages of a paranormal nature? What? No, if we, purely hypothetically speaking, were to be haunted by a goldfish, and– hello? Hellooo? …are you crying? 

New zine GOOD LIFE

I’m the happiest loser today, because yesterday I took part in the 24 hour comic challenge of Oslo Comics Expo and managed to draw 20 pages in 23 hours. I know I know, you’re supposed to draw 24 pages, but fuck it! I usually draw as slow as a snail, can hardly focus on anything for more than one or two hours max, and just crawled out of a deep creative mud hole. On top of that I’m satisfied with the whole thing and still didn’t sleep after coming home although I only drugged myself with coffee and cola the whole night. Wow!

If you’re in Oslo, come and buy a copy at Oslo Comics Expo on Friday between 18–21!


Der er dejlig gymnasium stafet. Og Bo og Luis skal selvfølvelig løbe med et hold. De er (næsten) integrærede i den danske samfund, og det betyder at de skal lave sport.

Men det er ikke så dejlig når der kommer dagen efter, og så har de en forsinket muskelømhed (jeps, det findes i Wikipedia). Eeeeeejjj hvor ondt det gør!!