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My name is Kaja, and I’m a Norwegian comic artist.

I started making the comic Crow’s Feet in 2012. On this blog I’ll post all the comics I’ve made, and all the new, cool stuff I’m working on now.

I’ll post both the English and the Norwegian versions of my comics.

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I’m closer than you think.
You constantly recognize me.
But deep inside you think I’ve forgotten only about you.
I haven’t.
I know you.
And I never leave you.

If you think about it, you’ve felt it more than once.
- Felt my breath down your neck when you for a second lost your balance at the top of the stairs.
In the seconds you lost your grip on the wheel driving on the highway.
And in the cold relief, when you remembered to blow out the candles that was still burning on the first floor.

I count your seconds and I see how you use them.
I sit among you and hear what you think.
And you think so much.
And do so little.
And irritate yourself so often.

But not after you’ve stopped breathing. Never then.
Then you are all thinking the same thing.
And it makes so many of you heavy to bear.

”I hope they know how much I loved them.”

I’m so mysterious, you say.
You want to know why I come for you and where I will take you afterwards.
Well. I want to know this:

Why do you all wait until it’s too late?

—  Death (Nemi), by Lise