INDIA, Amritsar : An Indian Sikh priest ® carries the Sikh holy book during a procession from the Sri Akal Takhat at the Sikh Shrine to the Golden Temple in Amritsar on April 8, 2015 on the eve of the 394th birth anniversary of the ninth Sikh Guru, Teg Bahadur. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the youngest of five sons of Guru Hargobind, was born in Amritsar in 1621 and was executed on the orders of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi in 1675. AFP PHOTO/ NARINDER NANU                        

Bhai Dayala Ji

They asked for your Protection,
And you granted them it.
My Beloved, I feel so alone without you,
My brothers and I cannot leave you,
I must be with you.

We begin our travel to Delhi,
3 brothers walking with their Father,
The crisp air slowly makes my mouth dry,
And yet all I can think of is how thirsty I am to listen, to hear your voice.

As I slowly walk with you,
I begin to feel a slow sense of dread,
Jamdooth slowly whispers to me.
Then I heard your laughter pierce the air,
Like an arrow piercing the flesh of its enemy.
I begin to smile,
And Jamdooth begins to slowly disappear.

The Army of Sheep now approaches my Guru,
They stand shocked,
They had heard stories of Maharaj,
Never did they know of the courage the Guru possesses.
My Guru smiles fondly at them,
And as they put Him in to a moving prison,
He smiled more, and I begin to hear my love’s voice shred through the crowd of Sheep.
Like a Lion, he roared the Praises of the Almighty.

We reached the Court of Aurangzeb,
And the Sheep Emperor looked at My Sajjan,
He asked him to convert to Islam,
And My Guru instead responded
With a laugh that echoed throughout the Court,
I am happy to see my Beloved in such high spirits,
I can feel strength expanding.

Slowly, they began to attack my brothers,
They thought He would change his mind after seeing his Sikhs in pain.
My Guru is the King of Kings, the Very Messenger and Message from Akaal Purakh,
And I am his Slave, if he asks me to die for him,
I shall behead myself and let my head roll to him.

My Brother, My fellow Friend,
He was given the choice of Islam or death,
After taking one look at the Guru,
He smiled and asked for Death,
But with humility in his voice, he requested that he be able to see his Guru as his life left this world.
As they prepared him,
I feel the power of his sacrifice surging through my Aatma.
He was stripped of his clothes,
And tied on posts.
As they brought the saw that would
Split him from this life,
He began to recite the Baani of the First King.
Tears filled his eyes,
With every word he recited,
He asked Maharaj to bless him Mukti.
The saw came down over my brother’s head,
They didn’t even let him finish his Baani.
As the life slowly left his body,
I began to hear Maharaj complete the Baani where our Dharam began.
I saw my brother die this night,
But my Guru made sure he never had to go through any Age again.

My Second brother, My Fellow Friend,
He was asked the same question,
Islam or Death,
And with the strength of our First Friend flowing through him,
He too asked for Death.
With Pyaar, he looked to me,
He said,
We must ensure that we meet our Guru when our Jot becomes Free,
Remember your Baani, my Brother,
Do your Ardaas for my Azaadi,
I am being called for my Wedding with Death.
With anger and fear,
The Sheep wrapped my Friend in cotton,
It slowly ripped his skin away,
But I could still see Happiness shine from him.
As he began his Paath,
They lowered the Flames onto his body,
And he burned slowly and painfully,
But my Brother smiled,
And like his brother before him,
He made sure the Guru heard the yearning he had to Meet with Him again.
As his life slowly faded,
My Antharjaamee Maharaj helped my Friend finish his Baani,
And I felt his soul leave this world
For the last time.

My turn has come,
And the Emperor of Sheep asks me to speak with My Master.
I leave his Court, and find my King,
My Dearest Friend,
My Protector,
My mind starts to race,
I grab my Love by the hands, and kneel before Him,
What is wrong Maharaj?
Why do you cry? Is this fight lost?
Should we let go?

My Beloved,
Look at me and smiled,
My Son, My Sikh,
I am crying because I came here to Protect you.
I came here to show you the path.
I came here to make sure you know how important Gurmat is,
And yet,
My children are showing me the way.
You reminded me of the sacrifices I must make,
You reminded me of the Piaas I still have left to quench
My son, I am crying because you too will go tomorrow, and You will remind me of the The True Path.

I began to cry with my Guru,
My Father told me of the Pyaar he had of me,
And now I know the End of my Journey draws nearer.
The Sheep try to herd me,
I laugh at their efforts.
I willingly step closer to my Death.
And as I do, they ask me my final request.
I stare at the Sheep Emperor and say,
Listen, My Enemy and Friend,
You think that my death will waver the Spirit of my King!
You think that by watching His Sikhs die, he will change his Decision!
You think that you will succeed, and the world will be on your side, but the moment my Maharaj’s atmaa leaves this world, the very Earth will cry and shake over him.
So my last request to you is, allow me to Face my Guru.
Allow me to face Him,
My Beloved who shook my soul from the clutches of This Worldly Prison.

As I turn towards my Guru, a smile appears,
Like my Brothers, I begin with the Baani of the First King.
I slowly expose my skin,
And I again feel the crisp, cold air,
Making my body start to crave Paani.
I see my Guru again,
And my Piaas begins to be quenched.
I lower myself into the cauldron,
And feel my blood begin to race.
I lower my legs in,
And I feel the blood beginning to burst from my veins.
I lower my torso in,
And feel my heart preparing for its demise.
I let my Head slowly enter black water,
And I see Death slowly taking away the light.
My Guru fades away,
And I feel my Aatmaa begin to leave this body.
I allow myself one thought before I enter the abyss,

Was my Death good enough?

✨The Artist’s Canvas✨
Repost from @chandssssss 😀whose lovely words you’ll find here…
“Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (April 18,1621- November 24, 1675) My abstract piece finished just in time for Vaisakhi!! Wishing you all the love in the world today and every day!!! 💚 Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Ji… ™@chandssssss”

In 1975, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Shaheedi of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib in the Ram Lila ground, a procession of 2.2 million people arrived and P.M. Indira Gandhi came onto the stage. In the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, all those on the stage arose to welcome and respect her, but it was only Sant Kartar Singh who remained seated. On the stage Sant Ji spoke passionately about this anti-Sikh act. Many leaders who spoke on the stage said that P.M. Indira Gandhi had built an excellent relationship with Punjab, after which she said, “..the Delhi government got Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur martyred and today the Delhi government prostrates to Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee. The same Delhi government who gave reports against the Sikhs, today respects and reveres Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee.”

Sant Ji’s time to speak was after P.M. Indira Gandhi, and he fearlessly stated in front of 2million people: The number of hairs that are on the body of the P.M., even if she was to cut her head off that many times and placed at the feet of Guru Jee, she still would not be able to remove the debt owed to Sri Guru Tegh Bahaur Jee. Regardless of how powerful the P.M. may be, no one is more powerful than our Guru. She should prostrate to our loved one, the light of the 10 Kings - Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, not require that we get up and pay respect to her.’ Following this, Jakaras were heard from all areas of the arena.

Today, it is a shame and embarrassment that instead of following the precedent set by our forefathers, the Granthis of Ross St. Gurdwara in BC left the Takhat of Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj empty to take pictures as Narendra Modi - a man guilty of genocide - was given a saropa.

#TakeAStand #Truth #Justice #Faith #Sikhi #Gurbani #Shastar #KhargkeytMaiSaranTuhari

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01 - William Basinski - Cascade (excerpt)
02 - Tegh & Kamyar Tavakoli - Hollow
03 - Disasterpeace - Company
04 - Linear Bells - The Last Drift
05 - 36 - Sun Riders Part II
06 - Leila Abdul Rauf - Drift
07 - Kristoffer Oustad - Liquidator
08 - Matana Roberts - Dreamer Of Dreams
09 - Ilyas Ahmed - Untitled I
10 - France Jobin & Fabio Perletta - Mimesis (excerpt)

Ho capito perché ti piace.
Lei è bella, sorride sempre, ha un viso così dolce.
A tutti piacerebbe una così.
Di sicuro tutti la preferirebbero a me, che bella non sono, che ho sempre un motivo per non sorridere, che mi faccio mille teghe.
Ma tranquillo, pure io la preferirei a me, quindi perché tu non dovresti farlo?

✨Art of Punjab✨
As part of their Feature Presentation for Sikh Heritage Month, world renowned Sikh Artist Kanwar Singh (@artofpunjab) will be showcasing his first Solo Exhibition of his ENTIRE body of work in one location. Wow! Plus, you can be the first to see his new painting, The Protector Guru Tegh Bahadur and an additional work on the Sarbat Khalsa, a surprise paintings created simply for this show. In addition, the artist will be featuring rare, never seen sketches and works in progress. Take time to talk to the artist, he welcomes your input on his upcoming projects.

TODAY April 19th, 2-5pm (Studio 2)
Peel Art Gallery, Museum & Archive (Downtown Brampton)
9 Wellington Street East Brampton, Ontario L6W 1Y1 #sikhart #kanwarsingh #ArtOfPunjab ™@artofpunjab

One more image of Chandni Chowk, bathed in the light of the evening sun, dust. There’s a man in a pathani, with a big yellow balloon, walking on the right side of the frame. I love that yellow balloon. Happy like a mini-version of the sun on the horizon. You see the gurudwara on the left? That’s built on the spot where the ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur, was beheaded on Aurangzeb’s orders. A hundred or so meters down the road from the Gurudwara is a shop called Ghantewala Halwai. Established in 1790, this is probably the oldest still-existing halwai ki dukaan in the country. Do you know of another that is older? Legend goes that the elephant in Bahadur Shah Zafar’s toli would halt outside Ghantewala Halwai and refused to move further till he was fed barfi from the shop. :) #OnTheRoad #Delhi #Food #History #Mughal

Acupuncture was found to be a better treatment option than the conventional drug therapy in not only relieving the pain of migraine but in also improving the psychological profile in migraneurs.

PMID:  Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2014 Jan-Mar;58(1):69-76. PMID: 25464680 Abstract Title:  Comparison of effectiveness of acupuncture therapy and conventional drug therapy on psychological profile of migraine patients. Abstract:  Migraine is a painful condition in which patients suffer from recurrent episodes of disabling pain, which could be very severe and can lead to grave psychological disturbances. There is no curative treatment for migraine, but there are various treatment modalities, though, with conflicting reports on their efficacy. This study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of electro acupuncture therapy and the conventional drug therapy on the psychological profile of migraneurs based on the assessment of quality of life and disability parameters. Migraneurs (n = 60) were recruited from the Psychiatry and Neurology OPD, Guru Tegh Bahadur Hospital, Delhi. Following a written consent, migraneurs were randomly allocated into 2 study groups–Group A received 10 sittings of electro acupuncture on selected acupuncture points over a period of 30 days, while for the same duration the Group D received a conventional drug therapy in the form of oral flunarizine 20 mg OD along with paracetamol 500 mg SOS. The patients were assessed twice, before and after completion of the treatment programme (30 days). The quality of life was assessed with WHOQOL BREF (WHO Quality of Life Biomedical Research and Education Foundation) questionnaire and the disability was assessed with MIDAS (Migraine Disability Assessment) questionnaire. Statistical analysis was performed using repeated measure’s ANOVA with Tukey’s test. Migraneurs were found to have lower quality of life and higher disability scores but following the treatment regimes, the 2 study groups showed a significant improvement in both the parameters studied. It was however observed, that the acupuncture group showed a better response and was thus found to be more effective as compared to the drug group (P = 0.005 to 0.000). We thus conclude that acupuncture is a better treatment option than the conventional drug therapy in not only relieving the pain of migraine but in also improving the psychological profile in migraneurs. Hence its use should be encouraged as an alternative/adjunct treatment for migraine. http://j.mp/1EO7EDk



New Delhi: A 20-year-old B Tech student of Delhi University’s Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College on Monday allegedly attempted to commit suicide by jumping from the third floor of the institution’s building. The girl, who was apparently under depression over her studies, however, survived the jump, but has suffered fractures in her leg and spinal cord.

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no senzo, la notte è lunga

-“Sai, c'è qualcosa che non mi fa dormir bene la notte, ma non so come sistemarlo, o che sciroppo prendere.”
-“Per metter qualcosa a posto, bisogna prima capire cosa a posto non è. Tu dove credi sia il problema?”
-“Io lo sento qui, nella gola, anche adesso, ma suppongo che invece risieda tra la piuma d'oca del cuscino e il futuro, che m'entra dalla finistra socchiusa, che passa tra le teghe delle persiane in legno.”
-“Che odore ha, quella brezza che il vento della tua capacità previsiva ti porta?”
-“Non è tanto l'olezzo di mediocrità e cupa solitudine che mi vengon da raccontarti o che mi disturbano, quanto la carenza d'ossigeno. L'alta quota di un aereo, un'umiditá che un mio amico mai ha sopportato, la tormenta di un freddo capace di ghiacciar le mucose e al tempo stesso di tirarti fuori l'aria dal polmone, come fosse una macchina per sottovuoto prima di sigillare un sacchetto. Non so se mi spiego bene. ”
-“Non mi è troppo chairo il nesso fra l'ossigeno, l'aereo, un amico e il sottovuoto in effetti..”
-“Giá, neanche a me sembra aver tutto troppo senso. E quindi, che si fà?”
-“Credo non ci sia altra soluzione che chiuder la finestra. L'alba arriverà comunque, e i raggi di sole sveglieranno l'oca e l'umidità farà marcire il legno e..”
-“E trovi che una versione rieditata de ’‘Alla fiera dell'est” sia il rimedio più adatto a sciogliere il groppo che mi travaglia il respiro?“
-’'A volte una semplice filastrocca o canzonetta canticchiata all`infinito, ti culla e ti coccola più di cento carezze. Dormirai come un bambino, col suo sciroppo.”

Student jumps off college building

Student jumps off college building

A 20-year-old student of Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur (SGTB) Khalsa College allegedly tried to end her life by jumping off the third floor of the computer block on Monday. The woman, a second-year student of Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering, suffered three fractures, but is out of danger, police said. She is a resident of Faridabad.

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